How to improve your skin from the inside out

Beauty & Go - Summer Skin Multivitamin drink

We all want flawless skin all year round, but during the summer months I want it more than ever because who wants to be wearing a face full of heavy makeup for it to be a sweaty mess and clog your pores? If your anything like me I prefer to let my skin breath during the summer by wearing lighter makeup (on my skins good days!), like the Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector which contains an SPF 20 followed by Rimmel’s translucent pressed powder.

My skin type is oily and prone to hormonal breakouts, besides from following a three step skincare system twice a day, doing my best to eat healthy, avoiding oily foods and changing my pillows every other day what else can I do? According to scientifically proven skincare brand Beauty & Go, drinking a bioactive beauty drink could help improve my skin from within.

I’m always up for trying new products for the blog, especially if it could be the solution to achieve flawless summer skin. So, I took up Beauty & Go’s complimentary offer to receive eight bottles of skin multi-vitamin drink packed with MacroAntioxidants to consume daily every morning for eight consecutive days.

Firstly, who are Beauty & Go?

Beauty & Go are a Spanish company who specialise in scientific skincare, by creating beauty supplements in the form of drinks containing 50% of your daily vitamins & minerals, rich in antioxidants and skin firming collagen peptides to take care of your skin from the inside out by improving your skin’s firmness, hydration and elasticity over time.

What’s in the ‘Summer Skin’ drink?

Two concerns I’ve had in the past with vitamin drinks is their calorie and sugar content. However, Beauty & Go contains only 80 calories per a bottle and has no added or refined, sugars, which isn’t so bad and counts towards your 1 a day.

The Summer Skin bottle contains carrot, grape, coenzyme Q10, collagen aloe vera pulp, camomille, green tea and hyaluronic acid. To be honest drinking my first bottle wasn’t that pleasant as it obviously tastes like carrot. Although, I love eating carrots, I did find drinking carrots a struggle. However, by my third bottle I had got used to the taste and started to enjoy it especially chilled straight from the fridge which is the best way to drink it. Surprisingly the drinks have a long expiry date of over a year, I was expecting them to have to be consumed within a matter of weeks with a lot of the ingredients coming from fruit and vegetables. The drinks are high in Vitamin A, C, B6, B12, E, Panthothenic Acid, Niacin and Zinc which are all skin loving ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve the skin.

Beauty & Go recommend the drink to be consumed 1 – 2 weeks before the start of summer. Or in other words for us Brits to drink it before we go on holiday abroad. So, our bodies can increase its ability to withstand UV damage to protect it alongside our SPF. They then recommend drinking it after sun exposure to repair and restore the skins tissues.

My results

After drinking Beauty & Go Summer Skin drinks for 8 days, my skin was glowing on the 8th day and the breakout I had when I started went quickly, which was great. But as soon as I stopped drinking them my face went back to normal. So, to see visible results and improve your skin’s firmness, hydration and elasticity its obviously something you are going to have to drink for the long term to reap its overall benefits. But unfortunately, at a cost of £28 for 8 bottles its sadly not something I could commit to invest in as an everyday thing. Although, if I had a special event coming up or a holiday planned then I would drink them prior to the day to increase my chances of having better skin by nudging off any breakouts.

Beauty & Go also have other variations and flavours of beauty supplements to improve the skin. If you’re a bit sceptical on the results, (I’ve studied Marketing at university, so I’m always sceptical about claims brands make) and I’m sure most people would be considering the price, then you can read about their clinical trial results .

Disclaimer: Beauty & Go sent me eight bottles for review purposes. All photos and words are my own.