Create your dream Diary Milk bar with Cadbury

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Invent the next Cadbury Dairy Milk

While browsing the confectionary aisle in your local supermarket have you ever thought “oh, I would love it if there were a brownie, cookie dough and salted caramel chocolate concoction topped with the creamy layer of Cadbury Dairy Milk? I have! Well now thanks to Cadbury, for the first time ever they are giving us chocolate lovers the opportunity to create our very own Dairy Milk combination that will be available nationwide to buy. Pretty impressive huh?

If you are in the UK and Republic of Ireland, head over to the Cadbury Inventor and start creating your dream Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar. You can use the inventor to choose from a full range of nutty, fruity, herbs & spices, creamy, chewy and drink ingredients. There’s even the option to pick the wildcard to mix up some unusual flavours, that might surprisingly taste amazing.

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I’m happy to see that the inventor has a lot of my favourite ingredients, Elderflower, Coffee, Brownie, salted caramel chips, cookie dough, coconut chips, vanilla and even green tea! For those with a sweet tooth you can even choose to have a chewy cola and animal jellies or if you’re a fruity person you have the option to pick from apple, peach, limes, and oranges!

It’s so hard to choose because there are over 90,000 combinations of flavours to choose from, but any of these combinations would be an absolute dream to try wrapped around delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate!

Brownie – Cookie dough – salted caramel

Cookies – Vanilla – coconut chips

Mint – Ice cream – berries

Coffee - Digestive biscuit - hazelnuts

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Cadbury my favourite Brummie chocolate makers have been making amazing chocolate combinations for over 100 years, so this is the first time ever they are giving us the role of a chocolate connoisseur, so it’s an exciting opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

The competition closes on July 31st so go to the Cadbury Inventor pick your three ingredients, mix them together, give your Cadbury Milk Bar a name and tell Cadbury why your dream bar should make it onto the shelves! Your combination will then go to a public vote and who knows you might get to enjoy your delicious creation for real!

Disclaimer: Post sponsored by Cadbury. Photos and words are my own.