Layer up with cosy winter bedding

how to create a cosy bed this winter...

Do the cold days and nights make you want to feel cosy under warm bedding? If your like me and find it so difficult to get out of bed in the early hours, to face the reality of delayed trains and traffic on your daily commute to work, or for me university. One thing that makes living the 9 to 5 lifestyle worth while, is knowing your coming home to a snuggly bed on the dark winter evenings and slipping into some soft pj's, with a hot chocolate and a Netflix binge in bed. At this time of year, there's nothing I love more, as I tend to hibernate in the winter... I'm not a fan of the cold. 

Matress topper

So summer has well and truly gone, but have you added those extra layers to your bed yet? to ensure you get a cosy nights sleep without the chill. A great way to layer up with cosy winter bedding this season is to firstly add a mattress topper. As I suffer with back pain, my mom told me to buy a mattress topper about two years ago, and honestly comfort wise its the best thing I have ever bought, I noticed the difference in warmth and comfort instantly. I brought my super thick mattress topper from Ikea, there certainly worth investing into, if you mattress is uncomfortable and springy like mine is.

Duvet cover

Of course a bed wouldn't be complete without that perfect duvet set to match your room. As I mentioned previously in my most recent home haul post, I am planning on decorating my room for the new year and have been on the look out for a white duvet set. The pom pom super king size set from Yorkshirelinen is super cute and will be perfect for my room. Having a white duvet cover means I can go for eye-catching and textured cushions and throws.


Earlier in the year I stayed at a luxurious 4 star hotel and had such a great nights sleep because of how thick and cosy the duvet and mattress was. I'm not sure on what tog rating the duvet was, but for autumn and winter it's ideal to have a 10.5-13.5 to keep in the warmth. I'm generally too lazy when it comes to making my bed, but for this time of year I always make sure I've got a super soft fitted sheet tucked into my mattress, so there's no chance my feet will get cold.


When it comes to pillows I'm super picky, they have to be thick and the filling can't be too hard. These Egyptian cotton pillows with a non-allergenic hollow fibre filling look ideal for natural comfort. 

Throw & Cushions

Layering up for winter is not just essential in fashion, but layering up your bed with throws and cushions just completes the overall look and gives it that finishing touch. If your like me and spend an hour....or two scrolling Instagram every night, having the extra support for my neck from the cushions makes it so much more comfortable then just sitting up in bed with the pillows alone. 

I'm in love with this Kylie Minogue range especially the ombre slate cushion and the Eva Oyster cushion, they would look so great with the white pom pom sheets I want. Yorkshirelinen have those Kylie Minogue cushions to match the throw as well. The cushions and throw add a touch of luxury and texture to the crisp white sheets. Having crisp white sheets and luxurious cushions gives your bed that hotel feel, and who doesn't want that getting into a plush hotel bed feeling every night? so layering up with cosy winter bedding will do just that.

Disclaimer: Paid post created by Sian Victoria in a collaboration with Yorkshirelinen