#FestiveFiesta takeover at Chiquito

festive sharing platters, Glitterball cocktails and fiesta fun

The awesome guys at Chiquito's asked me to do an Instagram Stories take over and invite four of my friends for a #FestiveFiesta! to try out their new Christmas menu I took over their Instagram account on Tuesday, so in case you missed it, I thought I would share everything with you guys on here (Watch the story above). I'm a big fan of burritos and flatbreads so me and my friend visit regularly  as we can use their very generous 25% off student discount!

When we arrived at Chiquito's we were greeted with Glitterball cocktails and a table full of Mexican hats and moustaches. We soon had fun wearing the tashes while dipping into nachos and guacamole. After snacking on nachos they brought out two rounds of garlic bread and an even bigger bowl of nachos. The garlic bread was delicious, so we were all fighting over who got the last slice.

Next up they brought out three sharing platters, the first board was the 'Veggie Medley' it comes with Mac 'n' Cheese, Mini five bean chilli, veggie & beetroot with feta flatbread, Halloumi & ginger pear salad, roasted fajita vegetables, jalapeno poppers, blonde beer battered gherkins and corn on the cob. The second board was the 'Merry Mexican' it came with mini beef chilli, mini paella, mini classic chicken burritos, pulled pork tacos, jalapeno poppers and nachos with tomato salsa & guacamole. And finally, the third board was the 'Texan Selection' with BBQ chicken wings, BBQ ribs, classic chicken fajita with tortilla wraps, smoked chipotle pit beans, smokey honey glazed pork belly, corn on the cob, Padron peppers and coleslaw.

The boards were huge so we all had a mega Mexican feast! My partner and I took ownership of the Veggie board, we had both never tried halloumi before so were now a big fan, everything was really tasty and we enjoyed the mixture of flavours. My friends loved the meaty boards, so much so that one of them wrapped up the smokey honey glazed pork belly to eat later that night. We were all so full, Chiquitos really did spoil us with a Christmas feast, and because we were so into the food we forgot to order another round of cocktails!

After demolishing the sharing boards, they brought out the 'Christmas Churros'. We had the cinnamon & apple and chocolate & hazelnut stuffed churros. It goes without saying these were scrumptious, soft warm dough dipped in chocolate, they were heavenly, as I type I'm craving them. I'm also craving the glitterball cocktail it was made with St Germaine's Elderflower liqueur mixed with raspberry puree, Prosecco and a pinch of edible glitter. I could literally drink it like pop it was gorgeous!

After far too many tash selfies, laughs and our amazing Christmas feast the evening came to an end. I would like to give a big thank you to everyone at Chiquitos for totally spoiling us and inviting me to take over their Instagram, it was so much fun and we all had such a lovely night. We have all said we are going to come back in the New Year to eat the sharing platters again before it's off the menu.

*Disclaimer: Chiquitos invited me as a guest to try out their Christmas Menu for an Instagram story takeover. All words and photos are my own.