The new place to eat & chill in Walsall

Eat, drink, relax and play on Walsall high street

There’s a new place to eat, drink, relax and play on Walsall high street called Luda. There’s never anything new or fun coming to Walsall nowadays so I popped along to the opening to find out what this new place is all about and to obviously knock back the complimentary nibbles and fizz before heading to my next event of the evening.

Luda is part of Mecca bingo and they have decided to open their very first mini bingo in Walsall. To be honest I’ve never played bingo before, I’ve always associated it with big halls with unwelcoming bright lights and sorry to say a more mature audience. However, bingo has changed a lot in recent years and you are likely to find young ladies dressed up for a round of bingo before heading out for the evening just for some light-hearted fun, nothing serious.

However, Luda is different. It’s smaller, located on the high street so has the convenience factor, the dim lighting and comfy seating area makes it a welcoming environment and the games are all instant using the latest technology so there’s no waiting around or having to listen to ‘cup of tea’ number 3 or ‘rise and shine’ 29.

At Luda, you have the option to play bingo on the big screen using a tablet or via paper version. During the opening, I got to play my first ever round of bingo for £1, as the number gets called out, the jackpot of £10,000 goes down and so on. It’s over in a matter of minutes. So, you’re not having to wait around for the next game to start unlike with the larger bingo halls.

Personally, I’m not a fan of gambling, although you would assume I am considering I’ve spent my last two summers in Las Vegas. Gambling is a horrible addiction, one that I have seen destroy my closet friend so I always stay away from any kind of big deposit games. However, I do occasionally play small deposit games like the lottery and so would play bingo for £1 a game whenever I’m passing through Walsall. But I personally wouldn’t touch the slot machines as I’ve seen people get carried away putting in all there weeks earnings, losing and kicking the machines on their way out which is upsetting to see. So please bet responsibly.

On a more positive note, Luda has a great selection of food and beverages, they even have a license to sell alcohol, so I can see the people of Walsall enjoying a few rounds of pizza, beer and a game of street fighter with friends after work.

My favorite thing about Luda is the comfy seating, the selection of sandwiches, the salted caramel brownie, and strawberry smoothie which by the way tasted amazing and were all reasonably priced too. My friend Rachel works there, which is an added bonus! Luda isn’t just a place to play bingo, it’s also a place to relax, use the free Wi-Fi and simply have a coffee, panini and a cake or two on your lunch break.

Disclaimer: Invited to the opening as a guest. No payment has been received for this post. All photos and words are my own.