White Leopard Cami & Denim Mom Jeans

I wore this outfit yesterday when I went shopping to Birmingham and I came back to have a walk by the lake before the sun went down and so I could take these outfit photos. I have also posted a short video clip on Instagram of this outfit.

This is the first photo I have had taken since having my hair cut, it's probably the shortest I have had it since I was about 15 so I am still getting used to it as my hair was very long before. I had the blonde ombre cut out so this is all my natural hair colour but now I cant decide if I should have some blonde in again another way to brighten it up for the summer.

I might do a post to show the items I brought in Birmingham, I did buy this black shoulder bag which I swapped over when I was down there as I like the front pocket on it where I can put my phone in rather then spending ages to search for it.

I really love this shiny white leopard print cami from Fashion Union, I brought it in black also, yesterday was the first time I wore it and I had three people ask where it was from and I especially love the low back to it. The high-waisted mom jeans are my favourite and they fit perfect, just the way I like them, as I usually struggle with buying jeans. The black strappy heeled sandals are so comfy and I can see myself wearing these all over summer.

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