Shopping for staple pieces

shopping for staple pieces fashion blog sian victoria

Last week I was searching a couple of online shops for some staple pieces to refresh my wardrobe with some go-to casual essentials. I ended up buying lots of tops, two pairs of black denim jeans (to add to my never ending high-waisted black jean collection!) as well as some cute black tassel loafers, which were in the sale so I couldn't help but buy them.

The Breton and a plain white tee have always been a staple favourite of mine, and is a look I wear often as they go with almost everything. Stripes and a white t-shirt never go out of fashion either so its a great duo to always keep in your wardrobe for the days you think, I have nothing to wear! (which is everyday for me, until I have a proper rummage)

A white t-shirt looks great styled in many ways - a leather jacket and some denim jeans, which gives a stylish yet effortless look is an outfit favourite of mine. My style tends to be very monochrome and grey, I don't usually wear bright prints or colours, that's why I love the Breton stripes as its an unobtrusive print that looks fashionable all year round.

Other staple pieces to add to your wardrobe could be a classic black blazer, worn with a crisp white shirt, denim jeans and black heels, which are also all essential staple pieces that are easy to style in a rush. A leather skirt and a trench coat are also great pieces to invest in, and are perfect for trans-seasonal dressing. Ripped knee denim jeans and converse are items that are certainly unlikely to go out of fashion and look great together for that edgy look.

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