A Decadent Sunday Lunch at Hoar Cross Hall

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Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (19).jpg

Celebrating Mother's day at Hoar Cross Hall

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Hoar Cross Hall - Spa & Hotel located in Burton-upon-Trent kindly invited me to enjoy a Decadent Sunday Lunch with three guests. So, I got to spoil my Mom, Nan and Sister to some delicious food in an incredible dining room with stunning green views overlooking the grounds.

Hoar Cross Hall - Spa & Hotel is a luxurious stately home with a fascinating history, surrounded by beautiful countryside. So, our journey to the hall was lovely riding down the country lanes with the sun shining, we did pick a wonderful day to visit, as the sun was bursting through the large windows in the dining room which really showed off all the gorgeous gold ornate interior.

We arrived at Hoar Cross Hall at 1.30pm and was greeted with a warm welcome, as we were shown to our seats. We had worked up an appetite by doing a little bit of shopping beforehand, so we couldn’t wait to get tucked into the food. We were all surprised how reasonably priced the decadent Sunday lunch offer was too, with two courses for £17.95 and 3 courses for £21.95. Considering the luxurious setting, relaxing atmosphere and fine table service, it’s worth every penny, if not a little more!


Sesame seed crusted tuna lion carpaccio

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (42).jpg

Braised Smoked Ham Terrine

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (41).jpg

Roasted Beetroot hummus

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (43).jpg

Mushroom soup

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (40).jpg

For starters, my Nan ordered a ‘Sesame seed crusted tuna lion carpaccio’, consisting of a poached salmon and crème fraiche mousse, soy dressing, Asian slaw and nasturtium leaves. This was beautifully presented, flavoursome and had a lovely consistency of crunchy slaw and smooth creamy salmon.

My sister had the ‘Braised smoked ham terrine’ made of waldorf salad, herb and Dijon mustard mayonnaise and sourdough shards. Again, this was another beautifully presented starter, with a crunchy and smooth consistency and a lightly spiced sauce.

The vegetarian ‘Roasted beetroot Hummus’ with cucumber carpaccio, chargrilled ciabatta, yoghurt dressing and petit herbs was my Mums choice of starter, it was also a starter I was tempted to order too, as I’ve been obsessed with beets recently. Mom said she loved dipping the chargrilled ciabatta into the satisfyingly fresh cool yogurt dip.

For starters, I ordered the vegetarian soup of the day, which was a chunky mushroom soup topped with oven roasted garlic croutons and olive oil. Although the soup may not look very visually appealing due to the obvious mushroom colour, I can assure you it tasted lovely.


Roast striplion of british beef, red wine jus

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (36).jpg

fish and chips

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (38).jpg

cauliflower cheese risotto

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (32).jpg

roast lion of pork, sage jus, apple sauce

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (37).jpg

chips and seasonal vegetables

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (35).jpg

My sister had the ‘Roast Striploin of British beef with red wine jus’ and my Mom had the Roast Loin of pork with sage jus and apple sauce’. Both meals were accompanied with duck fat roast potatoes, buttered mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and onion & thyme flavoured Yorkshire pudding. They both thoroughly enjoyed their roast dinners and loved the beautiful flavoursome sauce that came with them, however my sister did say there was far too much fat on the beef, but besides from the fat she ate every little bit on her plate.

As the menu is decadent themed it was great to see familiar dishes on the menu that had been given a decadent twist, such as the ‘My fish and chips’. It came with a baked cod loin, crushed peas, triple cooked chips, warm tartare sauce, house pickled onions and pea shoots. My Nan loved the chunky & crunchy chips with the succulent fish dipped into the lightly sweet and zesty sauce.

For my main meal I ordered the only vegetarian main on the menu, ‘Cauliflower cheese risotto’ with textures of cauliflower, smoked Applewood cheddar sauce and herb crumb. The risotto was delicious, and I loved the crumbly topping, after a few mouthfuls the taste was getting a little repetitive, so I did have to add some of the gorgeous looking greens and the juicy purple cabbage to my bowl just to add a little more flavour and vegetables to my meal, which complimented the meal perfectly.


rhubarb & custard

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (24).jpg

fresh fruit plate

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (23).jpg

warm pear and maple syrup streusel

Hoar-Cross-Hall-luxury-spa-staffordshire-decadent-sunday-lunch-food-blogger-sian-victoria (4).jpg

No meal would be complete without ordering a dessert so my Mom and Sister both went for the ‘Warm pear and maple syrup streusel’ with butterscotch ice cream, pear fluid gel and sugared pecans. I got to sample a little of this myself and it was lovely, the sponge was perfectly moist, and went down a treat with a spoonful of ice cream and nutty pecans.

My Nan, enjoyed the Rhubarb & custard’ with buttermilk and vanilla pannacotta, with textures of rhubarb and tonka bean tuile wafer. She said it reminded her of some of the sweet treats she would have growing up and loved how it was presented.

Finally, I ordered the fresh fruit plate with a honeycomb chunk and lime flavoured Greek yogurt. The fruit was lovely and fresh and tasted beautiful dipped into the zesty yogurt, although I couldn’t finish the honeycomb as it was a nightmare for my teeth, I did enjoy the array of colourful fruit but would probably order the warm pear and maple syrup streusel next time, after getting to sample my sister’s dessert.

Overall, the three-course menu was delicious and presented perfectly, the table service was faultless too. It was lovely having the opportunity to fine dine in such a stunning and elegant Hall, it was certainly an experience, especially going for a stroll around the beautiful grounds afterwards. A decadent lunch at Hoar Cross Hall is a perfect way to spend a Sunday, especially now Spring is upon us.

To see more photos from our visit, see my Facebook photo album.

Disclaimer: Complimentary three course meal for four. All photos and words are my own.