Invisalign - invisible braces clinic in Birmingham

Invisalign - UK’s first Invisible braces clinic

On a miserable rainy day in Birmingham, I got invited by Smile Stylist to attend the launch of MiSmile the UK’s first Invisalign only clinic, but the rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the Smile Stylist team who had perfect Hollywood smiles all round. Dr. Sandeep Kumar is the brains behind Smile Stylist who has now launched his new venture MiSmile.

Dr. Sandeep has lots of celebrity patients who he gives amazing radiant new smiles too, including Michelle Keegan, Mark Wright, Catherine Tyldesley, Jordan James and to open the new clinic on the day was his current celebrity patient and Dancing on Ice Ultimate Champion Ray Quinn.

Ray Quinn is having Invisalign a new and pioneering invisible brace treatment, there are no metal wires or adjustments the clear brace is invisible. A member of the Smile Stylist team showed me her own Invisalign brace that she was wearing, without her taking it out to show me I would have never of guessed she was wearing one. I was shown before and after photos of the invisible braces and the results look amazing.

With the invisible braces you don’t have to worry about the embarrassing stories you’ve heard or seen in the movies, with food getting trapped in your metal braces while you’re on a hot date or getting stuck while kissing and you don’t need to hide your teeth in shame anymore, why worry about all that when you can get affordable invisible braces that are becoming increasingly popular the more people find out about it, the invisible braces will give you the confidence you need while you’re on the journey to achieving a perfectly straight smile.

The Invisalign treatment consists of using a series of clear, removable aligners that you wear for two weeks, before changing to your next aligner, each aligner is slightly different as your teeth begin to move gradually. Simply remove them while eating and then pop them back in again, your everyday lifestyle will not be affected and at the end of your treatment, you are left with a beautiful straight smile.

MiSmile will be the first practice to offer the Invisalign only treatment and will be one of the largest most experienced providers of invisible braces in the UK. Dr. Sandeep Kumar is one of the UK’s only Invisalign Diamond elite dentists.

As Ray Quinn came to officially open the new Invisalign Clinic he was asked by the Smile Stylist team, how important his smile is to his overall appearance, Ray said “My smile is extremely important to me, it’s the first thing people see when you greet them. Especially in my line of work you spend most your time smiling and people really notice a good set of teeth.”

MiSmile will be offering attractive discounts throughout the year, also for the first four weeks of opening MiSmile are offering £1000 discount off treatment for all patients and free consultations worth £95.

Everyone at MiSmile was so friendly and welcoming, the clinic itself being all new was super clean and spacious with brilliant technology to do the treatments. The clinic is in a brilliant location a minute away from walking out of Birmingham New Street Train Station and a few minutes walk from the Bullring. I would definitely recommend checking out the treatments they do, I will soon be having their enlightened teeth whitening treatment is done at their sister company Smile Stylist located in Birmingham's House of Fraser, so look back at my blog soon to see before and after photos of the treatment and a review of how it went.

I attended the opening of the First Floor, Unit B, Burlington Court, New Street, Birmingham, B2 4JD clinic, but there are six successful practices in the West Midlands and North West of England.

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Disclaimer: Invited as guest to the event. Words my own. Photos by Kirsty Whitaker