Your New McDonald's

An introduction to your new McDonald's

There was a time many years ago when I would squeal with happiness when I would receive a McDonald’s party invitation from the ‘cool kids’ at school. We would sit around a table, demolish our happy meals, play with the latest Disney toy and pose for photos next to Ronald McDonald sitting on a bench outside. There’s also the times were my nan would take my sister and I Christmas shopping to Birmingham, we would spend all our pocket money in the Disney shop and then head straight to McDonald's and just spend quality time together, those really were the good old days.

As some of you may know I have travelled a lot and I’m also a ridiculously picky eater, so words can’t express how happy I’ve been exploring a foreign country and seeing those golden arches in the distance. During my time in China, I found it hard to find thing’s I could eat being a vegetarian, so McDonald's was my saviour. It was my only place to go for food, that I knew I could trust, I’d enjoy, allow me to stick to my budget and obviously the best place to go for reliable Wi-Fi and amazing air con! Also, when I was in Las Vegas I had walked the four mile strip all day in the desert heat, I had got to the end of the strip and my feet were covered in blisters I was literally ready to drop from exhaustion when I spotted a McDonalds by the Circus Circus resort I was so relieved, I stayed there for hours eating everything I could off the menu until my boyfriend arrived in a taxi with some sensible shoes for me. So, there you go, McDonald's has been my saviour on many occasions and ultimately holds some great memories for me.

Over the years McDonald's has changed a lot from their interior to their healthy menu options. And most recently you may have noticed that McDonald's have been introducing a lot more changes when it comes to how you order. To find out more about the new changes going on in McDonald's, they invited me and a handful of bloggers to their Coventry restaurant.

We all gathered in the party room while the franchisee and general managers gave us an in-depth overview of #YourNewMcDonalds . We discussed the new service plans, the new fancy burger range, debunking the myths over how their food is made, we heard all about the amazing work that the Ronald McDonald charity does and how McDonald's has been making their menu healthier by reducing salt, fat and calories. After the chit chat we then headed to the kitchen in our Mc’D caps, apron and a hair net (my least favourite bit!) to make our very own Big Mac! The experts gave us a quick demo and then we got in line and made our very own. We started with toasting the buns, a dollop of that special Big Mac sauce, a sprinkle of onions, lettuce, two gherkins on the patties and whala! We then headed back to the play room and I demolished a spicy veggie burger with fries and my all-time favourite their chocolate milkshake!

So, what’s new at McDonald's?

Revolutionised kitchen design with fast service and freshly prepared food

At McDonald's food is now made to order. Which means there’s no longer burgers, Mc Nuggets and fries lined up ready to go. Instead, they are created fresh from the moment your order comes through. This is great news for picky eaters like myself. So, say if you don’t like gherkins you can now request a Big Mac without gherkins, which saves on food waste and you get to eat your iconic Big Mac personalised to you!

Digital experience with self-service kiosks and tablets available to customers

Introducing self-service kiosks is definitely one of my favourite changes at McDonald's. I’m so indecisive when it comes to ordering food, whenever I’m in a que and I’m waiting in line I can literally change my mind two-three times before it’s my time to order. So usually when I do get served I’m like ‘err err can I have hmm’ I’m a nightmare. So at least by using the self-service kiosks, it means I get to have time to browse the menu and maybe pick something new rather than just blurt out my usual meal. While browsing the full menu on the digital screen you also get to check out the calorie, salt and fat contents of each item so you can make a conscious decision, there’s also less chance of getting your order wrong due to miscommunication.

The tablets on the tables are also a fun edition and are perfect to keep the children entertained, I’ve used these a few times during lunch with university friends.

sian-victoria-food-blogger-birmingham-your-new-mcdonalds-service-design (2).jpg

Table service availability

You can now have food delivered to your table in McDonald's, just like any other restaurant. Yes, you heard me right. So, if you’re eating in and have used the self-service kiosk, for example, you can select which zone you are sitting in and your order will come to you. Gone are the days waiting in the cue, you can now drop your bag, get comfy and have your Happy Meal come to you! So, there’s no juggling with your hands full trying not to spill your coke, or even worse dropping your fries!

So, there you go, your new McDonald's! you can now choose the food you order and how you order it within a more welcoming, sociable and tech savvy place on the high street during your lunch break!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All words and photos are my own.