2 Albums I Can't Stop Listening To Right Now


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Besides from my morning cuppa and a few poor attempts at working out. Nothing gets me more ready for taking on the day than listening to my favourite tunes on a Panasonic Bluetooth Headphone during my commute to Birmingham. Music always helps to give me energy, motivation and feel good boost especially two new albums that I just cannot get out of my head right now and have been listening to on repeat since they were finally launched after weeks of the bands creating suspense on social media.

There are so many amazing artists out there and with such a huge choice at our fingertips, it can be a tedious task to pick something new to listen to. Or if you're like me and rarely explore outside your regular playlist. So, if you fancy refreshing your playlist with some new alternative rock pop tunes, why not give these albums a listen… you never know they may become your new favourite go-to:

Amo by Bring Me The Horizon

A band that has been on my playlist since their early deathcore days is Bring Me the Horizon. BMTH are a five-piece British rock band from Sheffield who has been continuously re-inventing their music over the past fifteen years, helping them to stay current and on top of their game leading to them achieving their first-ever No. 1 album in the UK with ‘amo’. I’ve seen them many times live and they really do know how to put on an unforgettable show and engage the crowd.

Since their deathcore days, each album has become a little more and more mainstream, from metal to rock to now pretty much rock-pop. I’ll always be a metal girl at heart, but genres have changed there’s no longer one category fits all when it comes to music. Having grown with the band through my teens and twenty’s and being used to their heavier albums such as ‘Sempiternal and ‘There is a hell…’ their newest album ‘Amo’ took a few listens to grow on me. But now I just can’t stop listening. Especially some of their catchier tracks like ‘Sugar honey ice & tea’, ‘Mantra’ and ‘Wonderful Life’.

The lead singer Oliver Sykes really did put his life into writing the album since ‘Mother Tongue’ and ‘Amo’ are about his personal relationships and the track ‘Heavy Metal’ is about his relationship with his fans. ‘amo’ is a great first introduction to BMTH because the songs are varied so there’s something for everyone: ‘Nihilist Blues’ ft Grimes is electropop, ‘Mantra’ and ‘Heavy Metal’ are alternative rock while ‘Medicine’, ‘Mother Tongue’ and ‘In the Dark’ is pop rock.

Trench by Twenty One Pilots

Like a lot of people, I was properly introduced to Twenty One Pilots through their successful album ‘Blurryface’ in 2015 and their track ‘Heathens’ for the movie Suicide Squad. The American duo from Ohio started in 2009 and have gone from strength to strength despite two members leaving in 2011.

Something that makes me love this passionate duo, even more, is the stories they tell through their concept movie-style videos and the trail of hidden messages they leave behind which makes you evaluate the footage and lyrics that little bit more. When you do, you’ll find that tracks on the album are somewhat seamlessly connected even though the album is so musically diverse with ‘My Blood’ being indie disco, ‘Morph’ a funky R&B tune and ‘Nico and the Niners’s being emo- reaggae.

There’s not a track on the album that I don’t like, there’s something for every mood and time of day which is why I still continue playing it and haven’t got bored despite the album being out for almost six months now.

So, there you go two new-ish albums that I just can’t get out of my head. If you're looking for some super-talented and passionate bands with musically diverse tracks to get hooked on, then these are for you!

Disclaimer: Sponsored post with Panasonic. All words and photos are my own.