Before & After | Chin filler treatment in Birmingham

Front: Before & After chin dermal filler treatment

Front: Before & After chin dermal filler treatment

Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation with Dermal Fillers in Birmingham

Last year, I had an anti-wrinkle treatment on my frown line. It’s something that I had wanted to be done for years, because I always looked so miserable and my makeup would sit in the crease making it more noticeable. So, when Virgin Health Care offered me complimentary aesthetic treatment, sorting out the protruding line on my forehead with a quick botox injection was the confidence boost I needed. I had considered botox previously but was a little nervous to take the leap.

Thankfully, Dr Vikram Swaminathan who carried out the treatment is one of the best in the industry with over ten years of experience so made me feel completely at ease. As you know, Virgin only hire the best so with a little research of my own I was confident in the aesthetic practitioners’ expertise and knowledge.

Since having Botox treatment last year, Virgin Health Care has sadly closed in Birmingham. However, Dr Vikram Swaminathan can be found at his aesthetic clinic in Birmingham called Clinic@, as well as on Harley Street in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Whitehaven.

Side profile: Before & After Chin filler augmentation

Side profile: Before & After Chin filler augmentation

You may have noticed that since having Botox treatment I’ve started posting photos of myself on Instagram instead of hiding behind the camera – like I have done for the past 8 years blogging. Although I’m slightly more confident now (I’m working on the whole self-love thing both physically and mentally). I’m still not 100% happy with my appearance – who is? But instead of wishing to look like the next Angelina Jolie, I just want to look like Sian. But subtly enhance what I was given so that I still naturally look like me but a slightly improved version that is happier and more confident when looking in the mirror, having my photo taken or socialising with others.

Something that has affected my self-esteem for as long as I can remember is my slight lisp, due to having an overbite. Having an overbite comes with having a weak lower jaw, which can cause it to lock making it painful and uncomfortable. When I was younger my jaw would constantly lock simply by chewing food, brushing my teeth, smiling or laughing. Knowing what would trigger it to lock, made me more cautious over the years to try to prevent it (which is perhaps another reason why I’m not the most smiliest of people in front of the camera). Even when I’m not moving my face, I still feel a slight ache in my jaw, I get headaches from it and it obviously affects my bite as my teeth don’t meet.

Over the years, I’ve done a lot of research into overbite correction jaw surgery, but the 2-year long procedure freaks me out. I’ve not ruled the option out; I just don’t quite have the guts to do it yet.

Side profile: Before & After non-surgical chin enhachment

Side profile: Before & After non-surgical chin enhachment

Having a week jaw means I don’t have a defined jawline and when looking at my side profile you can see that I have a receding chin that’s not in balance with my nose. So, in the meantime to make my overbite a little less obvious to me and to gain a bit more confidence in myself, I had one treatment of chin filler to project the chin slightly and improve facial symmetry.

As this was my first time having dermal fillers to add volume and fullness to an area, I had a consultation with Dr Vikram Swaminathan who explained the procedure in more detail and any possible side effects as it’s different to Botox which relaxes the facial muscle to smooth the area. After the consultation, I came back fully prepared and ready to have the treatment.

A video is a much better way to share my first-time experience, so we filmed the entire treatment below so that you can see for yourself how it’s done and what to expect:

Chin augmentation filler treatment video:

During: Chin dermal filler treatment video

As you can see, Dr Vikram Swaminathan cleans the area first and then injects Teoxane filler, made of a non-toxic ingredient called hyaluronic acid gel which is naturally found in our skin and joints. When inserted the gel expands and fills to build chin projection. The filler was inserted a few times in different areas to create an even fullness. The treatment wasn’t painful, I barely felt the first incision, but the other 2-3 injections were more uncomfortable as it felt a bit like concrete being inserted into my face. Once the needle was removed it felt normal just a little throbbing sensation.

Once I got home, I was advised not to put makeup on the area and to avoid sun exposure. A side effect of fillers is bruising and swelling, however, I didn’t bruise but I did have some mild swelling for a week and the area felt tight, so it did make my lisp more noticeable and a bit restrictive when brushing my bottom teeth and eating.

After a week, my chin felt like normal. When I press the area, it doesn’t feel like there’s anything hard or unusual there. One injection of Teoxane can last up to 12 months. Overall, I’m pleased with the results and would highly recommend Dr Vikram Swaminathan from Clinic@ for both botox and dermal fillers. As well as Teoxane, he also uses Juvederm and Belotero.

You’ll find that only we focus on our so-called ‘imperfections’, most people may not even notice them. When I told family and close friends what I was having done, they hadn’t even realised that I had a receding chin until I pointed it out and nobody, had ever commented on my ‘imperfect’ side profile. So, by having this treatment, I wasn’t trying to change myself for others because I’ve got to a stage in my life that I just don’t care what other people think anymore (being bullied at school certainly helped toughen me up). But what I do care about is how I feel about myself, inside and out. So, if getting a quick and effective treatment can help improve my self-esteem then I’ll do it. As you can tell from scrolling my Instagram feed , by making these little physical tweaks to my appearance and working on myself psychologically its helping me to grow personally and professionally.

Disclaimer: My treatment was kindly paid for by Virgin Health Care. All photos and words are my own.