How to get your bedroom cosy for Autumn

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Easy ways to make your bedroom cosy

Hello Autumn. Today I’ve officially turned the central heating on and packed away my summer clothing to add thick jumpers and coats to my rail. I’m somewhat reluctant to say goodbye to summer as it’s my favourite time of year because waiting for delayed trains in the freezing cold really is not for me, it’s my number one pet peeve. But I really do love hibernating over Autumn & Winter by spending cosy nights in with my dog and boyfriend, watching Netflix, cooking warm homemade veggie meals, sipping on a hot chocolate and having long bubble baths.

As I’ll be spending a lot more time in my bedroom now the days are getting cooler and darker early, I’ve added a few homeware bits from to make my room a lot cosier, so its perfect for hibernating in.

Cosy bedding

To create a cosy room for cooler nights the first essential thing you need to do is make sure you have a winter weight duvet. Any duvet with a tog above 10.5 should do, I’ve opted for a Downland Deep Sleep 15 Tog Duvet so that it retains my body heat and keeps me proper snug. Although if there’s two of you in the bed (and a giant furry dog), you may get too hot so keep this in mind when your picking which weight tog duvet is right for you. have a variety of different tog weight duvets.

Whenever I stay in a hotel there’s nothing I love more than luxury crisp white bed linen, so to give my bed a hotel feel I rotate between my textured waffle set and all-over white ruched bedding . Having white walls and bed sheets also makes it a lot easier and affordable to update your room with cushions, rugs, wall art and throws when you get bored with how it looks (which is usually me every two months).

Throws & Cushions

Scatter cushions make a bed look a lot comfier and welcoming but depending how thick the inner cushion is they don’t always provide the right support for your neck or back if you're using them to sit up in bed at night. That’s why I’ve added a V-shaped pillow as its designed to support you if you have aches and pains when sitting up, lying down or sleeping. I’ve found it to be great at correcting my posture and I use it a lot on the evenings when I’m on my laptop in bed (like right now), I also like how its high enough for me to rest my head on. So its super comfortable and can be used in many ways to elevate and support your body.

Adding textures and prints with throws and cushions is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to update your room to give it an autumnal feel. I’ve swapped my summer throw for this como cotton throw in a natural colour and chevron print. It comes with tassels which just adds to the autumn look.

Candles & Diffusers

Hibernation mode isn’t complete without visually warming up the room with autumnal scented candles. I’ve added the Royal Horticultural Society English Lavender Jar Candle to my room so that the lavender scent can help me relax after a long day. If your not keen on lavender but are looking for scents that should improve your sleep look for candles with Chamomile, Jasmine Bergamot, Sandalwood and Rose.

Additionally, having a diffuser is a great way to keep your room smelling beautiful all day long.


sian-victoria-lifestyle-interior-blogger-scandinavian-plant-bedroom-studio-bamboo-ladder-wall-prints-autumn-how-to-make-a-room-cosy-decorative-ladder-shelf-shelving-unit (11).jpeg

Getting out of a cosy warm bed is difficult enough, but if you’re like me and have a wooden floor it means your feet touch the cold laminate every morning, which doesn’t make it any easier to get up in the morning when it's still dark outside. So, I’ve added this tan cactus rug by my bed so that my feet land on it in the morning. I keep some thick socks on the rug so that I can quickly put them on and trap in the warmth.

Printed and textured rugs are a great way to add warmth to a room as well as an inexpensive way to refresh the look and feel for autumn.

Decorative plant shelf

My new favourite addition to my room has to be this ladder style wall rack in white, it has five tiers so its perfect to display my growing family of plant babies, bamboo trinket boxes, candles, wall art and books. It’s added a homely feel to my room, I love it that much I’m contemplating on adding another one beside it because I’m running out of windowsill space as its full of plants, so I need to put them somewhere else (so that I can buy and propagate more plants!).

Another new addition to my room is this rustic round mirror. It has leather style straps and comes with a larger sized mirror. I’ve not yet got around to fixing them to the wall as I don’t trust myself doing it, but for now, it looks lovely on my shelf and it’s at the perfect height for me to use it. I can’t wait to add the large round mirror to the wall because they are stylish and make a great statement piece.


To add the final touches to cosy up a room add a variety of lighting, from decorative lights, table lamps and floor lamps. I’ve added this stylish grey metal floor lamp as its adjustable so can be pointed at anywhere in the room. Because it's higher up it gives me a lot more light where I need it when I’m sitting up in bed reading (lie, I mean scrolling my Instagram feed) compared to a table lamp which I find makes me strain my eyes more.

So there you go, a few easy and affordable ways you can make your room look and feel a lot cosier this autumn. If you are a first-time customer you can receive free delivery at, by using code 089.

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