Serve - Ping Pong, Food & Cocktails in Birmingham

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Underground Ping Pong, bar & restaurant

Serve is an immersive venue that’s recently launched in Birmingham. The new entertainment destination is located in a basement on Temple Row and offers a unique ping pong experience, a contemporary bar and trendy food. During the day it’s a family friendly environment, and by night Serve offers a fun club vibe with neon lighting, a DJ set and large TV screens.

For the launch, I was invited to receive a complimentary ping pong game with food and cocktails. My partner and I hadn’t played ping pong for years, so we were excited to give the new innovative concept a go. Although I must admit embarrassing myself in public was something that came to mind when I accepted the invite. However, when I began playing, I felt comfortable because I wasn’t the only one who sucked as balls were pinging everywhere. So, it was great just to let go and have fun in a cool new hang out space.

The ping pong experience

We arrived at Serve at 6 pm on a Friday and was booked in for a 30 minute game (on peak £21/off peak £16). We were handed our table tennis bat and shown to our table in the Ballroom. On first impressions the venue had a great buzzing atmosphere with colleagues having a competitive game after work, a sports game playing on the TV, some great tunes being played and an upbeat, friendly welcome from the Serve staff. So my partner and I soon joined in with the fun and played a round of ping pong.

Next, to the table, there’s a bin stacked high with spare balls and Serve have a few dedicated staff who scoop up the balls on the floor with a net.

The food & drink

After enjoying a game of ping pong, we then ordered food and drinks. The Serve team were very accommodating to our dietary requirements, and the lovely server notified us of what food could be made vegan. We started with classic cocktails I went for the Life’s a Peach (£10) made with Chardonnay, Peach, Green Apple and Frozen Lemonade. Which tasted good but for what it is, it’s overpriced.

The Serve food menu consists of nibbles (£5 - £9), skewers (£5), sliders (£4), flat bread (£10) and sweets (£8). So to try a variety of the menu, we ordered the Roasted Vegetable skewers, Portobello sliders, Margherita flatbread made with vegan cheese, soft pretzel bites and truffle chips to share between the two of us. However, we received three flatbreads, the Margherita (without cheese), the veggie and the mushroom, so there was a bit of miss-communication somewhere. It wasn’t a problem because we loved the flatbreads, it just meant I wasn’t able to show you lot the variety of the menu, and we struggled to finish it all.

As a vegan alternative to the truffle chips that has parmesan cheese on we received these extremely addictive warm crisps and soft dough balls to replace the pretzel bites that come with honey. The food we tried was gorgeous especially the mushroom flatbread which was our favourite. The flatbreads were a little watery/oily in areas, but I would certainly order it again with the bowl of chips, they were so Moorish! Although, next time as a paying customer I probably wouldn’t buy a cocktail because for the same price I could purchase one from a dedicated cocktail bar with a unique presentation.

Overall, we enjoyed the game, food and atmosphere and the staff were lovely.

Disclaimer: Complimentary food and experience. All words and photos are my own.