Osteria Rodizio Rico - The Cube, Birmingham


All you can eat Italian Pizza & Pasta in Birmingham

When you get offered unlimited amounts of pizza, who in their right mind would turn it down? certainly not me! However, this wasn’t just your average pizza this was true authentic Italian pizza made in the heart of Birmingham using Italy’s finest ingredients. So, I hear you say where can I find this all you can eat pizza place, with a range of unique mouth-watering toppings? Osteria Rodizio Rico is the place to go, you can find them located in The Cube. They are the sister restaurant to Rodizio Rico next door – which is an all you can eat Brazilian street food dining experience.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with smiles and a beautiful sweet glass of prosecco with strawberry puree. We also enjoyed a peach Bellini. Throughout the evening the friendly team at Osteria Rodizio Rico made sure we were fully topped up.

We started our Italian feast with a slice of a garlic flat bread, gnocchi in a rich cheese sauce and a selection of bread. As you know by now I love garlic bread, so this thin crisp slice topped with cheese was perfection. I also surprisingly enjoyed the gnocchi considering it was very cheesey and rich, it was especially nice dipping the bread into.

After nibbling on a few vegetarian appetizers, we were then served up a range of fresh dishes straight from the kitchen. The first dish was a mushroom and asparagus risotto topped with melted cheese, it was deliciously creamy and something I would certainly eat again and could have happily eaten as a meal on its own.

There were two vegetarian pizzas I got to enjoy, one with sun dried tomatoes and artichoke and the other was cheese and tomato. Both of which were delicious on a crisp sourdough base with a crunchy crust. Sadly, there were a few more vegetarian pizzas’ being served up that looked divine but I didn’t get to try them as the waiters were making their way around the tables and would run out of slices before getting to our table. However, my plus one got to sample a range of cured hams, pasta, seafood and meat topped pizza’s which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Although I didn’t get to try the different variations of vegetarian pizzas due to how the buffet is served, I do prefer their concept were the waiters come to your table and dish it out as it comes fresh from the kitchen, rather than waiting in line, having to get up from your seat and potentially over indulging in far too much cheese ‘n carbs. It was also nice to be able to have a little chat with the waiters as they were serving to find out a little about the dish. The staff were ever so friendly, chatty and welcoming.

Overall it was a lovely dining experience and I would undoubtedly come back to enjoy the risotto and sun-dried tomato pizza, which were the highlights of the evening along with the four fruity Bellini’s I knocked back. A buffet dinner is priced at £14.90 which is reasonably priced considering the unique dishes, friendly service, authentic Italian style atmosphere and the open kitchen entertainment.

Disclaimer: Thank you to 8848 agency for the complimentary press invite and Osteria Rodizio Rico for serving up some delicious food! Photos and words are my own.