Skinny Coffee Club - Review

How to reduce the bloat and your appetite with Skinny Coffee Club

So, I’ve never been a big coffee or tea drinker, that was until I started drinking green tea religiously about six years ago for its many well-known health benefits. I was also then introduced to Nescafe Green Blend coffee by my mom as we read so many weight loss transformation stories from people who had started drinking it. All the women in my family would drink it three times a day and I can honestly say it really did help us lose weight. That was until Nescafe stopped selling it in all the supermarkets (WHY!), we were all so disappointed, not only did it help us loose inches but it was also a coffee I enjoyed the taste of, considering I previously never drank coffee. I managed to get my hands on a case of six from Amazon, before it got difficult to find in the UK (unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount on eBay!). That was until I spotted it in a supermarket in Santorini and I can’t explain how excited I was, as I didn’t have my card or enough euros on me at the time to buy all the Nescafe Green Blend on the shelf I said I’ll pop back before the holiday ends and buy loads – and what a surprise it was ALL gone off the shelf, I even went as far as having a difficult conversation with a Greek woman who worked there to ask if they had any in the back. But nope, I told my mom, sister and auntie that I was bringing them some back as well.

When Holland & Barrett got in touch offering to send me a complimentary 28 days serving of the Skinny Coffee Club I was really looking forward to trying it out as one of the many superfood ingredients within it is green coffee. I thought finally, my green coffee fix is solved.

The Skinny Coffee contains high quality green coffee and tea extract to naturally help boost your metabolism as well as Garcinia Cambogia which is known to help reduce appetite. The coffee blend also contains a mixture of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and protein. It has just six calories per serving, and does not contain senna or laxatives. The brand quickly became instafamous with many users claiming it to be the secret to their weight loss.

As a first class marketing, advertising and public relations graduate I can easily spot a marketing gimmick and don’t get fooled easily by obscene claims from brands. However, as it contained green coffee an ingredient I’ve seen great results from in the past I was feeling really optimistic and couldn’t wait to try it as soon as it landed in my post box. So, firstly the coffee needs to be filtered, so I use a coffee press with two teaspoons of coffee and boiling water. I keep it in the coffee press to infuse for a while and take it out just when it’s the right temperature for me to drink and then pour into a cup, without adding milk or sugar (these can be added if needed, however I can happily drink it without as the taste is pretty good).

To benefit the most from the skinny coffee you need to drink it on an empty stomach, before breakfast. The instructions recommend you eat thirty minutes after drinking the coffee. However, as I do feel relatively full after drinking it I just wait until I feel hungry enough to eat. The first time I drank it I didn’t feel the need to eat for three-four hours, I just wasn’t hungry and then when I did come to eat I only ate small potions as I got full quicker. Gradually over the 28 days of starting the day with Skinny coffee this has worn off and the gap between drinking coffee and eating breakfast has got smaller. Yesterday was my 28th day and I was hungry after twenty-five minutes or so. So, I do believe my body has got used to the coffee now and it’s not so effective.

So, here’s my outcome. The coffee tastes good, I love how its packed full of superfoods so is healthy for you and it certainly does keep you feeling fuller for longer and it has reduced my appetite throughout the day as well as slightly giving me an energy boost. However, despite eating less during these 28 days I have not lost any weight, but it has helped reduce the bloat. Although, they do recommend you drink it alongside their healthy diet and exercise programme, which I didn’t follow – as I didn’t know about it till halfway through. It would be helpful if the box it comes in came with a booklet. Instead I believe you can only get your hands on the weight loss program when you have bought it through their website directly. So, if you’re buying it through the Holland & Barrett website/store you may not be able to get it – but don’t quote me on that, I did check instore last week.

Overall, I do believe the skinny coffee club has the potential to help you lose weight if you follow the 28-day diet and exercise programme, the transformation photos on their website are impressive. But drinking it in the morning without making any other lifestyle changes I would find it hard to believe that you would experience any dramatic weight loss – considering I’ve not ate bad throughout the duration of the programme and have been moderately active. But this is based on my experience – everyone’s body reacts differently.

None the less, based on the benefits I’ve experienced from the coffee, such as feeling less bloated and a reduced appetite I would definitely buy this product again in Holland & Barrett.

Disclaimer: Product sent complimentary for review purposes. All photos and words are my own.