Green Tea, Lemon Water, Coconut & Almond Milk Benefits

I have been drinking Green Tea almost everyday for the past couple of years and I have really noticed the difference in my health and have had so much more energy, on the days I don't drink it because I am out all day and have not had the time to make a cup before I rush out I tend to have less energy during the day and don't do so well at the gym. I have been looking for other energy boosting drinks that are not full of sugar and are overall healthy with lots of other benefits, I came across Alpro Coconut and Almond Milk a few months ago when I wanted to stop drinking cows milk, other than them tasting absolutely delicious and makes a bowl of cereal in the morning taste so much better, they also have less calories than cows milk. 

200ml of semi-skimmed milk has 126 calories, Coconut Milk has 40 calories and Almond Milk has 48 calories. If you choose the unsweetened version of the Almond Milk it has even less! Recently I have been drinking a cup of warm water with lemon juice because I read in a magazine all the health benefits, so I now drink a cup first thing in the morning, it has a lovely refreshing taste to wake you up. The water has to be warm, not cold or boiling to benefit, plus there's only 25 calories in a cup. 

I drink so much, especially when I am home studying and working on my shop and blog. My routine is to have a cup of green tea, glass of coconut milk and warm lemon water in the morning with almond milk in my cereal or porridge, throughout the day I drink lots of water and then at lunch time I drink the same again and then just another cup of green tea and lemon water with my meal on an evening.

Almond Milk Benefits

  • Contains less calories compared to cows milk

  • There are no cholesterol or saturated fats, only omega fatty acids which help keeps your heat healthy

  • Almond Milk can help keep your bones and teeth strong and healthy

  • Packed full of vitamin E which will give your skin a beautiful glow

  • Contains Vitamin B such as iron and riboflavin which contributes to muscle strength and healing

Coconut Milk Benefits

  • Has all the same benefits of Almond Milk

  • Great energy booster, perfect drink to have before working out or a long day of work

  • Good source of fibre

  • Helps aid weight loss

Green Tea Benefits

  • Considered the healthiest beverage on the planet

  • Loaded with Antioxidants and nutrients which have a benefiting effect on your body and brain function

  • Helps increase the burning of fat, which helps you loose weight

  • Drinking at least five cups a day will lower your risk of cancer and other health problems

  • Perfect energy booster and keeps you alert

Warm Lemon Water Benefits

  • Contains Vitamin C which is beneficial for the skin, helping to prevent wrinkles, acne and gives your skin a glow

  • Helps you loose weight faster

  • Having a warm cup of water with lemon juice in the morning helps the body flush out toxins from the body

  • Great source of iron, potassium, calcium, fiber, vitamin A and has antibacterial properties.

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