Easy things to introduce into your regime to keep healthy

healthy bioglan breakfast bowl

New Year, New You. Use my easy tips to lose weight and stay healthy by making small changes to your diet and lifestyle

Since the start of the new year I have began introducing easy steps into my regime to ensure I stay healthy and my body receives all the essential nutrients and vitamins it needs, so far I am seeing improvements and am finding them easy to maintain.

Portion size

To prevent overloading my plate, I have started to use bowls to keep an eye on my portion sizes at home.

Drink green tea and lemon water

Green Tea is known to have many health benefits such as improved brain function, fat loss and a lower risk of cancer to name just a few. I try to have 3 cups a day, one with every meal. At breakfast I have started having a cup of lemon water as its high in vitamin c, its good for your immune system, helps to loose weight and is good for your skin to prevent blemishes. (Although make sure you drink it with a straw to save your teeth)

Add Bioglan to your breakfast

Recently I started mixing Bioglan powder to my yogurt and have since started to notice a big difference in my mood and energy levels. Bioglan powder contains essential vitamins and minerals, they also taste great too, see full review here.

Promote healthy skin, hair & nails

In February I started taking Nu U Biotin tablets to look after my skin, hair and nails and am beginning to start seeing the results, see full review here.

Feeling tired, fatigue and energy-less?

I have had these symptoms for years now among a bunch of others, and recently I found out its because my body lacks iron and B12, so a few days ago I started taking Nu U B12 supplements, its too early to comment on the results but there will be a review after 3 months of use. (See full review here)

Swap fizzy drinks for water

This is an obvious one, but try to cut out fizzy drinks and replace them with water, add a low calorie/sugar content cordial if necessary. 

Low calorie snacks

I have been trying to have 3 good meals a day and only one low calorie snack.

Find a physical hobby you enjoy

Its okay to say join a gym if you want to stay fit and healthy, but if you don't enjoy going to the gym then you may struggle to push yourself and be motivated. So think about a sport you have always wanted to try out, such as boxing, horse riding, yoga or something more extreme?. Instead of exercising as a chore, find something you enjoy and turn it into a hobby as it will give your mind and body much better results.

Sample your food before adding salts & sauces

For so long now I have been sprinkling so much sea salt on my food and adding high calorie sauces when the meal really didn't need it. If your out or cooking at home, have a few bites of food first to see if it actually needs any extra condiments. If it does don't add loads and opt for low calorie sauces.