Benefits of fruit infused water

Fruit Infusing Water Bottle

Water can get very boring if your trying to drink it everyday for a healthier lifestyle because its so tasteless, so when I noticed a few instagrammers and celebrities posting about their fruit infusing water bottle, I went straight onto Amazon and bought one.

I try not to have fizzy drinks, cordial or juices as we all know they have a lot of added sugar to them which of course is bad for us. So I try to make sure I drink loads of water and green tea throughout the day, the NHS recommend our daily fluid intake should be 8 cups of 200ml for women and 10 cups for men. When I am at home working I do manage to have my daily recommended intake if not more, but when I am out I tend to drink less and occasionally I do pick up sugar free drinks, usually something fizzy as I do find it to be more refreshing when I am on the go.

When my fruit infusing water bottle arrived I brought some frozen black forest fruit from Sainsburys and popped some into the infuser along with a green tea bag. The water then gets infused by the fruit so your drinking all the natural vitamins and nutrients from your chosen fruit and also drinking a great fruity tasting refreshing detox drink to keep you hydrated.

You can put fruit and herbal teas in the infuser to make your water tastier and even healthier. Blueberries and raspberries are some of my favourite fruits, berries are known as a 'superfood' they are high in antioxidants and fibre. I also choose to buy frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit as frozen fruit is supposed to be better for you as they don't loose their nutrients because they get frozen soon after being picked, fresh fruit starts to loose it nutrients the longer its been left.

The bottle I brought has a 800ml capacity, so I only need to consume 2 drinks to ensure I have my recommended daily intake of fluids. The bottle is also safe to carry around with the handle or in my handbag so I can start taking a drink out with me to prevent me buying fizzy drinks when I am on the high-street shopping.

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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money. This is not a collaboration.