Detox Water - Limes, Lemons, Mint & Cucumber

Water and green tea is something I drink lots of daily, however it can get pretty boring after awhile so I add a little squash occasionally to my water, but because they are full of sugar its not something I like to do often. So for awhile now I have been drinking fruit infused water, for the natural sweetness, taste and of course to reap the health benefits.

Recently I brought a water filter jug from Amazon, after reading a couple of concerning articles about all the negatives of tap water. Tap water contains high levels of toxic chemicals, hormones and pesticides, and basically the thought of drinking tap water which has made its way into my glass from old rusty pipes was enough to put me off. So filtered water helps take away a lot of those nasties to provide cleaner and safer drinking water.

For the past week I have been drinking this detox water daily, its refreshing and has lots of beauty benefits. All you need is limes, lemons, mint and cucumber sliced and left to infuse the filtered water with essential vitamins.

Cucumbers contain antioxidants and help flush out fat cells. Lemons help with the absorption of sugars and calcium and reduces your cravings for sweet treats. Mint is a natural appetite suppressant that aids in digestion. And finally limes promote a healthy digestive tract.

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Disclaimer: This is not a collaboration. Product bought with own money.