Birthday weekend in New York

empire state building

For my sweet 16th birthday I went to New York, it was January/February time when I went and it was freezing. The ice was piled up high on the pavements and I was wearing so many layers and a ridiculous hat, that the images of me in NYC will never make its way on the internet as there very *cringe*.

When we arrived it was late, we unpacked at the hotel and headed straight to the Empire State Building, as it was only a few minutes walk away. With it being winter, night time, windy and being up a 102 story skyscraper, my night photography didn't turn out so well as my hands were shaking. But the next day after a waffle and maple syrup breakfast we visited the Empire State Building again, so my photos turned out much better, I love the pigeon photo its one of my favourites from the whole trip.

I really recommend going up the Empire State Building during the day and night, for a different perspective. 

Central Park & Times Square

While I was in New York I was treated to two Broadway shows for my sweet 16th Birthday. On the second night we went to see The Lion King and the night before we left I saw Chicago, both shows were fantastic and a brilliant experience. Being a lover of action movies and American food, I just had to go to Planet Hollywood to eat, it was great fun and the dessert was amazing. 

We also had a stroll around a very snowy Central Park, which was lovely, we sat and listened to a man playing a saxophone while friendly squirrels came and sat next to us on a bench which was cute.

statue of liberty

We couldn't go to New York without visiting the Statue of Liberty, so on our second day we waited inline at the harbor to catch a ferry to Liberty Island to see the lady in all her glory. I was surprised once we got off the ferry and onto the Island how big the statue and the island was. The views of New York from Liberty Island were stunning.

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