A weekend in Rome

Recently, I started a dedicated Instagram account to share all my travel pictures, starting from the first ever city break trips I went on with my partner during college. You can find my page @sian.victoria.travels, to see these and loads more from my travels. 

I went to Rome in August 2009 (I think), we flew from London Stansted to Fiumicino airport. Our first impressions of Rome were pretty scary, with it being our first ever trip without parents and still being teenagers. We got a taxi to our hotel and the taxi man knocked over a young lady on a mop-head, she was fine and just jumped back on and went, but at the time we didn't know that was the norm in Italy, so it did shock us a little and made us extra cautious when walking around.

We stayed in Rome for 3 nights and had a great time checking out the stunning architecture. Travelling around via bus or train was really cheap too, I remember the bus being 1 euro. The taxi from the airport to hotel was 45 euros, so when we needed to get back to the airport we did our research and found a train which was only 12 euros so it saved us loads. So I do recommend you do all your research before you leave for your destination. The airport does have a train station nearby so I would definitely use it again, over a taxi the next time I go.

One of the first places we visited was the Colosseum, I am a big fan of history and architecture so I loved walking around the Italian streets and discovering beautiful sights and buildings. We found an amazing pizza place, where we ate every day, it was cheap and the mozzarella was slap you in the chin delicious.

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