Delicious Breakfast ideas with Porridge

Porridge is something I have been having for breakfast for years, its the one meal that keeps me fuller for longer and gives me the boost I need to wake up, and stop me feeling like a zombie in the morning. For some, porridge can be considered pretty boring, and after awhile yes it is. That's why I like to add different toppings, for extra taste and to benefit from more essential vitamins and nutrients. Its also a great way to add fruit, to contribute towards your 5 a day.

Recently I have been loving Quaker Oats, and their sachets of flavored multi grain porridge's. The fruit muesli and honey & vanilla are my favorite, I make them with Alpro soya or coconut milk, which tastes delicious. They taste great without toppings, but even better with a bunch of yummy crunchy nuts and tasty fruit.

My favorite toppings this week have been desiccated coconut, chia seeds, cocoa powder and almonds. And then bananas, nutella and chopped walnuts, which is amazing, need I say it? hellloo nutella! if I didn't have self control I would sit and eat it out the jar all day long.

Have you found the perfect topping combination? let me know in the comments, I love trying out different ways to have my porridge in the morning. 

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