Nu U Nutrition - B12 Mood, Energy & Memory Tablets

Nu U Nutrition - B12 Mood, Energy & Memory Tablets

Feeling moody and low on energy? try B12 supplements it's an easy way to improve your health

Recently I wrote a review about Nu U Nutrition Biotin tablets, that I had started taking to help improve my hair, skin and nails. When I posted that review I had just started taking Vitamin B12 supplements also. So I thought now is about the right time to write a review after taking them for over 2 months and noticing a difference to my health.

So firstly I began taking Nu U Nitrition B12 supplements as I struggle to sleep most nights, I lack energy during the day and this can make me moody, forgetful and I struggle to concentrate (especially during university lectures!). Other benefits of B12 are helping to promote healthy hair, nails, skin and brain & nerve tissue to name just a few.

I take a vitamin B12 tablet daily in the morning after breakfast, instead of swallowing the tablet it has to be placed under your tongue. It dissolves quickly and has a lovely strawberry taste.

In the 2 months of taking the B12 supplements, I have noticed a big difference in my mood and memory and a slight difference in my insomnia and energy levels. The pack comes with a 6 month supply and it recommends you take them daily for 6 months before noticing any huge improvements. The reviews for this product on Amazon are all positive and people are noticing a considerable difference after taking them for over 6 months, so I have high hopes and will continue to take them.

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Dislaimer: Product bought with own money.