Bioglan Superfoods - Powder Vitamins Supplements

Need a way to get more vitamins and minerals into your diet? Try adding Bioglan to drinks, smoothies and yoghurts

Bioglan Superfood's is something I accidentally came across when I was doing an online grocery shop. I searched for Kale and the 'Supergreens' supplement came up, so I looked into it more. As my diet is definitely lacking in essential vitamins and minerals, I decided to give them a try by buying a couple to work on different health symptoms I have.

Firstly the green pack saying 'Supergreens' gives you 81 essential vitamins and minerals, to nourish your body, help with metabolism, digestive system, energy boosting and full of iron and vitamin c to combat tiredness and fatigue. I mix the powder with yogurt and have it for breakfast, it has a lovely tropical taste.

The yellow pack 'Energy Boost' is my favourite because it contains cacao, so has a lovely hint of chocolate. So far I have got through two packs in under a month, because I enjoy adding it to my food that much, and I have noticed the difference in my mood and energy after I have it, so this is definitely something I am going to continue using.

I tried the 'Wheatgrass' one once by adding it to water and I struggled to drink it because of its powdery texture, but I haven't yet added it to yoghurts or smoothies etc yet so I can't really comment on the results from this one. The benefits sound really good, though for Cleansing & Alkalising, Healthy Immune System, Increases metabolic rate and a natural energy booster.

The purple pack of 'Cacao & Flax + Superberries' is another favourite of mine, its a great source of omega-3, and full of antioxidants and fibre. 

For years now I have suffered from a lack of energy, tiredness and fatigue. I've always known it's down to my diet, lacking iron and B12 and have taken drugstore daily vitamins for it. However, I have never noticed any difference. But since taking these food supplements I am starting to notice the results so I am definitely going to continue adding them to my breakfast.

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Disclaimer: Products paid for using my own money.