Quick essential beauty products - Nails & Hair

Looking for beauty products to use on the go? A mini pot of nail varnish remover and dry shampoo are my quick beauty essentials

These two beauty products are on my essential beauty list, I can't be without them, I use them all the time, yet I have never reviewed them on the blog before, so here you go.

Firstly, the Easy Nails Fast & Fruity nail polish remover is magic and saves me so much time when it comes to removing my chipped nail polish. I bought the small tub for 79p from Homebargin's, although they do sell a similar brand on Amazon. It's a tub with a sponge soaked in nail varnish remover, you simply put each finger in the pot, move it around for a few seconds and then like magic the colour is removed. I prefer using this clever pot compared to using a couple of cotton wool pads twice a week and its so much quicker. It also has a lovely peach smell, unlike the bottle versions which has a strong smell of chemicals.

Dry shampoo is my saviour, I can not leave the house without using it, even if my hair has just been washed, I still use it to help lighten up my roots and give them a boost. When I am not in a rush I tend to spray dry shampoo on my hair upside down and then leave it to settle for 30 seconds and then rub it in, I feel as if this has better results for me and gives more volume to my hair. The Aussie Festival Fresh has a lovely scent and although I use it daily the 180ml spray has last me a couple of weeks.

Disclaimer: Both products paid for with my own money.