Mitchum - Powder Fresh Deodorant Stick

Mitchum - Powder Fresh Deodorant Stick

Feel confident and fresh all day with Mitchum Powder Fresh Deodorant stick

Personally, I prefer a deodorant stick compared to using an aerosol deodorant spray, as aerosols don't last as long, they take longer to dry and are horrible to breathe in. So for a couple of years now I have been using deodorant sticks instead, as I find them more effective and are less damaging to the environment and your health.

The Mitchum Advanced Control 48hr Powder Fresh, protects against sweat and odour. It also has a lovely natural baby powder scent. I apply two rolls of the deodorant under my arms as soon as I am dry from getting out of the shower. It makes me feel confident all day as it controls sweat and odour, one stick also lasts me for about 3/4 weeks.

At the moment it's 2 for £4 on all Mitchum products at Superdrug, so tomorrow when I'm in town I am going to stock up for the summer. It also drys fast and doesn't leave marks in my t-shirts. I've also been able to convince my sister to switch from aerosols to roll on's so she eventually took my advice and uses Mitchum now too which is great, all I need to do now in convince the other women in my family and friends. Because there's nothing worse then living in a house full of women and inhaling a load of aerosol sprays in the morning as it gives me a dry throat.


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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money.