A relaxing night in with Happy Jackson Bath Soaks


Autumn has just begun, and although I love the summer, I really do look forward to enjoying cosy nights in pampering and relaxing at home away from the chilly sub-zero temperatures that are on the way over the next couple of months.

My cosy nights in usually start with a bath full of bubbles, the lights out, a candle burning and my favourite music playing. Having time to relax is really important, so a soak in the bath and getting into some cosy pj's and winter socks is how I like to start my night of pampering. Shortly followed by a clay face mask, painting my nails and a good'ol glossy magazine or if I'm feeling super slothy a marathon of watching Prison Break on Netflix in bed with a cup of green tea is the most effective way for me to recharge before a week of university.

A Sunday is usually when I get my bath time, I tend to stay in the bath until I look like a prune, as the new range of Happy Jackson bath soaks from H&A that I have started using smell so delicious and fill my bath full of bubbles that I never want to get out.

The Happy Jackson Bath Soaks are exclusive to Sainsburys and are £3 for a 500ml squirty bottle. They come in delicious scents, with cute quirky names, such as the 'Give it some yay' (orange, ginger & mint), 'Wooh! mini holiday' (Coconut cream), 'Happy Days!' (Apple crush) and 'Queen of Awesome!' (Watermelon & Mint). I've tried all four, but there are more rich and fragrant bath cremes available in store and online.

For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you will know I am obsessed with coconut so the 'Wooh! mini holiday' is my ultimate favourite, closely followed by the 'Queen of Awesome', as the smell just makes me instantly imagine all my adventures over the summer. The zesty fragrance of 'Give it some yay' is a big hit in my household too. Next time I'm in Sainsburys I will give the other bath soaks a sniff too, as they smell so good!

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Disclaimer: Sponserd post. All words are my own, and an honest experience of using the products.