EF MEDISPA - Light, Laser & Facial treatment in Birmingham for Acne Skin

EF MEDISPA, Birmingham Edgbaston

EF MEDISPA, Birmingham Edgbaston

Acne treatment in Birmingham

For the past six months I’ve been on a mission to get clearer, brighter and happier skin by introducing vitamin, A into my skincare and diet to treat mild hormonal acne around my jawline and chin. Thanks to my new regime my acne breakouts have almost completely gone, helping to give me my confidence back and improving the way I look and feel with and without makeup.

However, I’m still getting the odd angry spot here and there, I’m left with scaring after years of breakouts, stubborn blackheads on my nose, large pores and spider veins on my cheeks. Although my bumpy congested skin has improved a lot I’m still wanting to achieve a smoother complexion and to minimise my pores to hopefully say goodbye to adult acne for good.

Thankfully, EF MEDISPA got in touch and offered me a course of complementary treatments to help me achieve my skin complexion goals. EF MEDISPA are a new skincare clinic in Edgbaston, who offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments for many skin conditions. EF MEDISPA are also located in Kensington, Chelsea, St John's Wood, Richmond and Bristol.

On the 21st December I visited the very stylish and squeaky-clean skin clinic for a consultation to discuss my skin concerns with Sarah Moore the Treatment Co-ordinator. Sarah was lovely and made me feel very comfortable when discussing my problem skin and how it makes me feel. She recommended a treatment course of three Clear Skin non-invasive laser treatment and three courses of LED light treatment with Biologique Recherche Facials.

However, to start the laser treatment it meant that I would have to stop using my vitamin A/retinol skincare products and supplements, which to be honest did worry me slightly as I had finally found an effective skincare routine that suited me. But EF MEDISPA were happy to get me started straight away and that same day I had my first course of LED light treatment.

Biologique Recherche Facials

Firstly, the therapist Veronica went over a few documents with me and explained in detail the treatment I was about to have. To begin the first course of treatment she started with a bespoke Biologique Recherche Facial to deeply cleanse my skin before undergoing the LED light treatment.

Biologique Recherche is a skincare brand who use only pure natural ingredients such as marine, botanical and biological extracts to cleanse, sooth, unclog, hydrate and renew skin. The Biologique Recherche facials are unique as it consists of a cold pressed facial combined with a sculpting technique to apply the all-natural ingredients to the contours of your face and décolletage.

The sculpting application technique is relaxing, and the facial is cold pressed so that it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin as the products are all natural with no perfumes or unnecessary ingredients, so they do have un-usual smells, however this does not take away from the ultra-relaxing face and décolletage massage.

The facials are tailored to your skin concerns, so Veronica began by cleansing my skin using a sensitive skin rescue cleanser from Biologique Recherche to remove dirt, oil and makeup, the solution contains apple juice and plant peptides. She then used a refreshing and tightening eye cleanser to remove stubborn mascara, this contains kiwi water, witch hazel and mango oil. A mask is then applied to one half of the face while the other half enjoys the calming sculpting technique. The mask contains omegas, raspberry oils and antioxidants to refresh stressed out skin and repair damaged skin cells from UV rays. She then removes the mask and if necessary does some extractions

My skin is congested mainly on my nose, so Veronica removed a few prominent blackheads. She then put me under the LED treatment for twenty minutes and finished my skin with a booster to hydrate and a cocktail of serums to restore comfort to dried out skin as my cheeks tend to feel tight and dry.

LED Luminous Lift Light treatment

The LED Luminous Lift light treatment uses a variety of light frequencies to treat a variety of skin conditions. The blue light has a powerful antibacterial action and improves acne skin, the red light is for anti-ageing, it increases the skins collagen synthesis to improve elasticity by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. When all wavelengths of light are used together they have anti-inflammatory properties and help to reduce acne scaring.

To begin the light treatment Veronica puts some goggles on me and made sure I was comfortable, before beginning the treatment using all light frequencies. The treatment is pain free, you simply feel a little warmth on the face, the procedure takes 20-30 minutes depending on your skin concerns but goes relatively quick as I’m usually super relaxed and sleepy after the relaxing facial.

My first LED light treatment was before Christmas and as I was concerned about stopping my Vitamin A regime, I was worried about having a breakout. However, the LED has made my skin feel and look better and I haven’t had a nasty breakout. I’ve now had two sessions of LED treatment and I’ve only had a few white heads and a couple of not so terrible blemishes over the past six weeks which is great.

Clear Skin Laser Treatment

Now onto my laser treatment, to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to this as you may be thinking yourself ‘laser’ sounds scary. But the fabulous team at EF MEDISPA reassured me it’s not. The laser treatment is non-invasive, it doesn’t hurt and is over in 20-30 minutes.

The non-surgical laser treatment helps to reduce acne, scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging, pigmentation, veins and blemishes. To begin the treatment, Veronica cleansed my skin by doing a quick mini facial and put goggles over my eyes. She then used the laser tool which feels like it has a smooth metal plate end. This was then smoothly moved over my skin section by section, it gently goes warm and cold and is in no way painful. She went over my full face and jawline twice. She then uses the tool a third time, but this time she concentrates on zapping active blemishes and acne by using a suction that quickly pricks the skin to remove sebum, the clogged oily bit of a spot. This wasn’t painful but did make me jump very slightly the first few times on my jawline, the prick of the tool is over in less then a second.

As I have sensitive skin I was dreading my train journey home, expecting to have a bright red face, but surprisingly I had no redness. This is obviously dependent on your skin, but mine coped with it really well. Veronica then finished with a cell renewing serum and I was good to go.

My appointment was at 4pm and lasted 45 minutes, I was told not to wash my skin that night or use any acid-based products, fake tan, or wax my face etc for 48 hours. That same night my skin felt a bit delicate, like I could feel that I had something done, it wasn’t sore or anything like that I just wanted to be super gentle to my skin so was careful when getting my pyjama top on, to not brush past my face. The morning after my skin was glowing and a blemish I had on my cheek was healing. I didn’t notice any skin peeling either.

The results

Before and after clearskin treatment.

Before and after clearskin treatment.

My treatment plan consisted of a Biologique Recherche Facial and LED light treatment for my first session (21/12/2017 - date of the first photo), I then had a two-week break, followed by a BR facial, LED and laser patch test on my second session (12/01/2018). One week later after I had no side effects to the laser patch test, I had my first laser treatment (19/01/2018) and then two weeks later I had a mini facial, laser and LED (02/02/2018). Three weeks later I then had the same three treatments again (22/02/2018) and again on my final treatment on (06/03/2018). A week later I then had my final 'after' photo taken (15/03/2018), bearing in mind the treatment is still working on the skin for a fortnight after the treatment.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the results my skin is looking and feeling so much better, the pesky spots around my cheeks and chin have vanished, my pore size has reduced and my oily complexion has significantly improved. As you may know, last summer I started a new vitamin A skincare regime, but it hadn't made a difference on the scaring, so the LED and laser treatment has really helped with that. My skins texture, has improved too its a lot smoother. The team at EF MEDISPA have been amazing, Veronica and Sarah have been there for me throughout the treatment, so I can't thank them enough!

Watch the official video below to find out more about Clear Skin treatment at EF MEDISPA and to see me get it done!

Disclaimer: Complimentary treatment. All photos (except for the before & after photo taken by EF MEDISPA) and words are my own.