Environ Active Vitamin Facial at Harvey Nichols, Birmingham

Environ Skin Anaylsis and Active Vitamin Facial

This time last week I was at Harvey Nichols, Birmingham drinking a glass of prosecco before my skin analysis and Active Vitamin facial with Environ. To be honest before Harvey Nichols got in touch inviting me to a complimentary treatment instore I had only heard about Environ through my Auntie who has been using their products for a while but I didn’t know anything about the brand. So before accepting the invite I did a little research and found out that the main ingredient in their skincare is Vitamin A and they use this with science to treat common skin concerns to deliver noticeable results.

So straightaway I accepted the invite because for a while now I have been suffering from breakouts and hormonal acne around my jawline and it’s been really getting me down (it’s why you rarely see selfies of me, p.s thank you to whoever created the ‘beautify’ filter on the Samsung camera, I love you!). A few days before I got the invite from Harvey Nichols I spent hours one night Googling my heart out trying to find a solution and reading up on loads of ways to treat it and the products I should use. I ended up spending loads and ordering a bunch of products from LA (they arrived yesterday with an unwelcomed hefty customs charge!).

Basically, from my late-night Googling I found out that adding Vitamin A products to my skincare regime and digesting it as a vitamin as well as omega fish oil tablets could be my solution. So, when I looked into Environ and found out that this is basically their key principle, I just knew I had to get the treatment. I also found it strange how this opportunity came to me within days of finding out about this method of treating acne, it’s as if it was meant to be! (so, a huge thank you to PR Hanna from Harvey Nichols, Mailbox!)

Environ Skin Analysis

When I arrived at Harvey Nichols I was greeted by the lovely Siobhan from Environ who explained what was going to happen over the next 90 minutes. Firstly, she sat me down and we filled in a form, she asked questions about my diet, how much water I drink and a little overview on my skin history and what skin concerns I have. She then gave me an overview about Environ and the iiaa (The International Institute for Anti-Aging) and how they use scientific products made from natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to penetrate the deep layers of skin to repair skin damage and reduce skin concerns such as acne.

'Spots' setting (wearing concealer)

'Spots' setting (wearing concealer)

The next process was getting my skin analysed by their Visia advanced image technology scanner, which was straightforward. I simply had to rest my chin within the small booth and close my eyes and wait for three flashes. It was over within a matter of seconds, your face then pops up on the laptop and the software shows various images from spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, uv spots, brown spots, red areas and porphyrins along with a percentage for each that can be used to measure the results over time.

'UV spots'

'UV spots'

Seeing the condition of the lower layers of my skin and having a chat with Siobhan the skin expert was incredibly helpful and such an eye opener. TIP: There’s four main things that we should all do: one, start using an eye cream over the age of 25, two apply an SPF daily (yes, even if it’s not sunny outside), three don’t squeeze spots, they cause scaring and create more spots! And four don’t use harsh exfoliants like apricot scrubs as they can create micro-tears on the skin. These were all things I knew I should have been doing to prevent skin damage and early signs of ageing. However, after actually seeing the damage I’ve caused to my skin I’ll definitely be investing in an eye cream and SPF. Seeing the photos has certainly gave me the nudge to change my skin regime for the better! Although, I can happily say I’ve not used an apricot scrub this year (since I was told not to in a previous skin consultation I had in December with another company) - I’ve mentioned this a few times on the blog, so please don’t use them, they really have damaged my skin after years of use!

As you may know I’ve spent twelve weeks in the sun travelling over the past two years and obviously during this time I’ve worn sun cream but Environs state-of-the-art technology has shown that my face has a lot of sun damage (damn you Vegas and your ridiculous desert heat!). Siobhan also explained how it’s not just the sun that can cause damage to the lower layers of our skin but also ultraviolet lights such as laptops, tv and phone screens. Which wasn’t great news considering I spend the majority of my day working from my phone and laptop!

Environ Active Vitamin Facial

After the skin consultation, we then made our way up to the private treatment rooms in Harvey Nichols. Siobhan gave me a few minutes to take my shoes off, tuck my bra straps into my vest and get comfy under the warm towels. She then came in to begin the facial. It was really relaxing with the ambient music, dimmed lights and candles.

She started by doing a pre-cleanse to remove my makeup and then used a cleansing gel to balance and clean. A cocktail of active vitamins A, C, E and nutrients were then driven deep into the lower layers of skin by an electride probe which uses sound waves to penetrate the Environ ingredients deep into the skin layers by making a pathway. The low frequency sound waves are able to penetrate 40 times deeper into the skin layers (it would take 70 hours to do this by hand!). When the electride probe started it was strange at first because of the sound and sensation of the sound waves, but after a few seconds it felt really relaxing as Siobhan gently moved it over my face and focused on the areas I’m concerned most about such as my t-zone and jawline that are prone to breakouts.

The next step was the alginate mask which is applied all over the face including the eyes and mouth. The nostrils are left uncovered, so you can obviously breath. This step may not be a nice feeling to someone who suffers with claustrophobia. But I can honestly say I felt really comfortable wearing it, it feels odd yes but I knew I was in safe hands and it takes a matter of seconds to remove the mask as it peels off all in one. Again, the mask is used to penetrate the Environ products into the deeper layers of the skin to repair them using an electride current that the mask is clipped on too. While the mask was on I was able to make out pretty patterns of light and felt two very faint pinches.

While the mask was on I got to enjoy a hand and arm massage too and when the mask was removed a few products were applied to my skin such as an eye cream and SPF moisturiser and then the active vitamin facial was complete.

Overall, the whole experience was really relaxing, I absolutely love having facials and this one by Environ has honestly got to be the best I’ve experienced so far. Firstly because of the expert skin advice I received and the state-of the art skin analysis using the face scanner. And secondly, the use of the electride currents during the facial which penetrates the vitamins deep into the skin layers. Which is obviously a lot more effective compared to a normal facial done by hand.

After the facial my skin was glowing and was a lot smoother. Now one week later the breakout I had that day has gone. I’m so impressed with the range of Environ products and the state of the art technology they use that I have accepted their #100DAYRESET challenge, read all about it in my next post '100 Day Reset programme'.

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Disclaimer: Complimentary treatment from Environ and Harvey Nichols. All photos and words are my own (except for the photo of me looking strange with the mask on, thanks Siobhan)