Your solution for heat damaged hair - Dyson Supersonic

Photo: Gary Price

Prevent heat damage with the Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer

Did you know Dyson launched the Supersonic hair dryer one year ago? And Vogue are calling it the ‘game changer’! To be completely honest I knew the Dyson hair dryer existed, thanks to my Instagram feed and a few mentions in beauty magazines. However, I didn’t really know much about the product specifications nor why it’s been given the title ‘game changer’. As the hair dryer is created by the innovative Dyson brand known for those fab reliable vacuums – I knew at a £300 price tag the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer had got to be good. So, I recently attended a Dyson Supersonic event at John Lewis in Grand Central Birmingham to find out more.

At the event, Dyson and Dluxe Magazine were joined by Aveda, Dior and La Prairie who were giving out complementary hand massages and lip makeovers. After mingling with fellow Birmingham Beauty bloggers over delicious cupcakes and glasses of champagne and posing for ‘the best #DysonSupersonic selfie’ we were then asked to watch a presentation and given a live demo of the supersonic hair dryer to see it in action.

The presentation was really interesting and completely justifies the £300 price tag. Dyson invested five years and 58 million pounds into the research, innovation, and technology of the product. 600 prototypes and 103 engineers were used over this time. Dyson also built their own hair lab and tested over 1000 miles of natural hair to see the effects the hair dryer has on each strand of hair. And five years later, the finished product really is a game changer. The Dyson Supersonic is nothing like your typical hair dryer, the technology is completely different – and here’s why:

Intelligent Heat Control - so you don't damage your hair!

Traditional hair dryers can heat up to a shocking 230 degrees, which is clearly no good for your hair considering hair can become heat damaged at 150 degrees. So, Dyson created a hair dryer that only heats up to 28, 60, 80 and 100 degrees to protect your hair from heat damage. But does the lower temperature mean it will take longer to dry your hair? No.

Air Multiplier Technology - so you can dry your hair quicker!

As you know Dyson is well known for their incredible suction hoovers and fast drying hand dryers. So, they have also used this technology in their Supersonic hairdryer too. The air multiplier technology sucks in 13L of air per second and multiplies it threefold to give you an impressive 41L of air per second – that’s 105 mph! The demonstration we had shown just how powerful the supersonic is – you can see a video of it floating some balls in the air on my Twitter.

This advanced technology means not only will your hair dry quicker, but it will also improve the condition of your hair by making it look smoother and sleeker. The Dyson girls had gorgeous shiny sleek hair so I’m totally sold on that one.

Acoustically tuned to a lower frequency – so it's quieter!

During the demo, we also got to hold the small and light motor from the supersonic and compare it to the large and heavy motor of a traditional hair dryer. The motor is in the handle rather than at the top like a traditional hair dryer which therefore makes it a lot easier to use if you struggle to handle a normal hair dryer while styling the back of your hair. Not only is the Dyson Supersonic engineered for balance and to be lightweight but its small powerful motor is also surrounded by a rubber casing so is a lot quieter than your usual hair dryer too (so you may not have to go into another room to dry your hair when somebody’s sleeping – and it shouldn't scare off the cat!).

gary-price-dyson-supersonic-hair-dryer-john-lewis-grand-central-birmingham-beauty-event-sian-victoria-bloggger-blog (3).jpg

Overall, the Dyson Supersonic is impressive and worthy of its game changer title. It’s innovative – there’s nothing else like it on the market, it’s a lot quieter, has a low heat setting so won't damage your hair and the airflow technology will dry your hair quicker compared to a traditional hair dryer. So, if you’re looking to invest in soft and silky hair then this hair dryer is for you.

However, although I agree that the hair dryer is totally worth the £300 price tag. Personally, for me, a girl who rarely puts effort into blow drying her hair and often leaves it to air dry – I can’t really justify spending the price at this time. Although I may change my mind if I get to see the Dyson Supersonic in action on my own hair. I'm hoping to get a blow dry soon in John Lewis - so I'll update this with my thoughts and some before and after shots when I get to experience the supersonic for myself!

All of these fab photos were taken by the photographer Gary Price - if you want to see my less professional ones and a few selfies of me with my fellow Brummie beauty bloggers then head over to my Facebook page.


Disclaimer: A big thank you to FU-Media for the press invite and Gary Price for the photos. All words are my own..