Palmer's Strong Roots Spray & Easy Tease Hair Brush

Palmer's Coconut Oil Strong Roots Spray

When I came across this Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula to use on the roots of your hair, the first thing that came to mind was the thought of using oil on my roots, surely it would make your hair greasy? But I decided to buy it anyway because I love Palmer's products, the smell of coconut and I thought I could just use it to spray on my hair before bed then wash it out in the morning.

Firstly, I tend to get an itchy scalp due to the amount of dry shampoo I use to give my hair volume throughout the day and coconut oil is known to help with hair growth so that's how I came to look for a product like this.

The smell of the spray is lovely, it has a smell of coconut and peppermint. The first time I used this product I sprayed it on clean towel dried hair, I started with the roots then sprayed it through the length too. I sprayed from a distance to make sure there was an even coverage on my hair and I blow dried my hair as usual. The peppermint leaves a cool tingly feel on your scalp which makes your scalp feel lovely and refreshed.

My hair did not turn out to look greasy, it just looked like how my hair usually does after washing it so that was a positive sign, my hair hasn't been itchy and it does feel soft and moisturised, also the spray is very light it doesn't leave a residue or weigh down your hair.

Easy Tease Hair Brush

My hair is a nightmare to brush after washing, especially if I haven't used much conditioner, it gets tangled easily as its long so it takes me awhile to brush my hair and my hairbrushes get full of hair quickly. So when I was searching for de-tangling spray, this hair brush was suggested also, so I brought the brush instead of the spray. I must admit since I have been using this my hair has been so much easier to brush and any tangles brush out instantly, I have also noticed my hair fall to be significantly reduced as I have less hair on my lap after blow-drying and I haven't had to take the hairs out of my brush yet and its been almost three months since I started using it (I took my hairs out of the brush to photograph, so you can see the bristles properly). The brush is also very gentle on my scalp.

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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money. This is not a collaboration.