Green Tea benefits for skin

benefits of Green Tea Baths: Prevent Acne, Delay Aging & Rejuvenate Skin Cells

Recently, I have came across so many articles saying how beneficial green tea is when used directly onto the skin, I have also noticed so many of my favourite beauty brands to start selling cosmetics that contain green tea. As a heavy drinker of green tea, I love this idea. I drink on average 3 to 6 cups of green tea a day, I always have a cup after every meal. Drinking green tea has been proven to help with weight-loss among so many other benefits, but now green tea has also been proven to be highly beneficial when applied directly onto the skin.

The benefits of green tea on skin:

  • Treat and prevent acne

  • Rejuvenate skin cells

  • Delay skin cell ageing

  • Detoxify skin

I have started to buy lots of beauty products that contain green tea, as well as starting to put green tea bags in my bath so I can start benefiting from the miracle tea quickly. As I drink loads of green tea, I have started to save my used tea bags and store them in the fridge in a bowel covered with cling film, there never in there for long before I come to use them in a bath. 

Firstly, I run a super hot bath and throw in my green tea bags (in my last bath I had twelve tea bags in it which I saved over two days!) I also threw in two extra new tea bags just to be sure. I leave the tea bags to soak in the boiling water just like they would in a cup of tea. I then pour in bubble bath and when its at a comfortable hot temperature to put my hand in, I mix the bath water as you would usually to create bubbles. You will then get to see your bath water turning green, yes it may not look like a pretty colourful bath bomb from Lush, but the colour of the water doesn't matter as long as your skin is going to benefit from it. When I had my first green tea bath it did feel weird having tea bags floating around, but they soon fell to the surface of the bath so I didn't feel them afterwards.

I also rip open a green tea bag and mix it with my shower gel and use it as an exfoliator, I find this works really well and exfoliates my body just like my usual exfoliator. As it worked so well I have since mixed the green tea contents with my face wash and used it as a face exfoliator also, it leaves my skin feeling really fresh, bright and clean, since I have been having tea baths and exfoliating with it I have found that I haven't had a break out yet, it's been two weeks so fingers crossed.

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