Garnier - Mattifying Fresh Cream with Green Tea

Garnier moisture match Mattifying Fresh Cream REVIEW

I bought this Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture Match - Mattifying Fresh Cream recently when I also bought their green tea face wash. As I am currently obsessed with any beauty products that contains green tea, I had to also try this product out. I am a big drinker of green tea because of its health benefits, so I thought using green tea products to help my skin from the outside too cant be a bad thing to do.

I brought this product from Superdrug for around £3, which is a great price tag. I have oily to combination skin, my skin is also very sensitive so I tend to use only natural products and always check the ingredients. This product hasn't gave me any problems, so I would recommend its okay for people with sensitive skin to use.

The cream is a light white formula, when applying it on the skin in a circular motion it feels very cooling and refreshing. The product is supposed to help mattify the skin before applying make-up, so your face becomes less oily over 8 hours. It has helped my skin feel soft, hydrated and has also helped my skin to become slightly less oily. The cream goes a long way so don't apply to much, overall I am happy with how this product has worked.

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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money.