Garnier - Green Tea & Moringa Clarifying Face Wash

I am a big lover of Green Tea because of it's health benefits and recently there have been so many beauty brands bringing out products that contain green tea, so of course I  had to try it out for myself so I bought this Garnier fresh clarifying face wash when it was on offer in Boots for £2.

I have oily combination skin and it's also very sensitive to harsh chemicals so I always check the label before I buy any beauty products to make sure its suitable and contains natural ingredients. Green Tea and Moringa has anti-oxidant properties known to be purifying and overall be greatly beneficial for your skin by preventing wrinkles, cleaning away blemishes, oil and tightening pores.

The face wash is clear, smells good and it lathers up to a foam, I wash my face in a circular motion and concentrate on the T-zone area where my skin gets mostly oily (forehead, nose and chin). When the product is washed off, my face does feel really clean and bright, and my face has been slightly less oily and I haven't had any blemishes so far which is good, so I am going to carry on using it and buy some more products from their green tea range.

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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money.