Garnier - Ultra Lift Complete Beauty Intensive Serum

I recently brought this Garnier Skin Naturals Ultra Lift Intensive serum when my usual No7 Protect & Perfect Serum was out of stock in my local Boots store. I googled for a quick review of the product and was happy to see it as a leading beauty serum after the No7 Protect & Perfect. So I thought I would try it out, considering it was half the price of my usual No7 serum.

The serum is almost clear but has a shimmery glitter look to it, I have been applying it twice a day morning and night to clean skin. The serum doesn't feel very nice when you first initially put it on your face within a circular motion, as its slightly sticky making you feel like you need to wash your hands after you have applied it. It does give your face a shimmering glow.

I have been using it for almost two weeks and my skin does feel very plumped and soft so I am going to carry on using it till it runs out to see how it goes and then I will decide whether to carry on with it or go back to my usual No7 Protect and Perfect which I have been using since I was 20 to keep away any early signs of ageing. This product is supposed to work the same way, so for the price its definitely worth trying out.

Disclaimer: Product bought with own money. This is not a collaboration.