Bleach London - White Toner

BEFORE                                       AFTER

Recently I have been loving the whole white/grey/silver hair look (#grannyhair) and I have been a fan of Bleach London products for awhile, especially their purple shampoos and reincarnation masks so when it came to looking for a hair brand, Bleach London was the first brand which came to mind.

I brought the Bleach London - White toner from Boots for £7 which is a reasonable price as I have found in the past their products have worked rather well. Before applying the white toner I washed my hair with purple shampoo then towel dried it and mixed the developing lotion and colourant together. The solution does contain a small amount of peroxide, which some white toners don't so this made me choose this one over others, as I thought containing peroxide it would be more likely  to work.

After sectioning my hair into equal parts I put the gloves on and started to put the white toner onto my hair, I tried to rub it in as much as I could equally. After applying all the toner to my hair I left it on for half an hour, then washed it out and used the reincarnation mask which deserves a blog post by itself because they stuff is amazing, it leaves your hair amazingly soft which is just what it needs after having peroxide on it.

As you can see from the before and after photos the white toner did lighten up my hair, and I would use the product again. The semi-permanent white toner is supposed to stay in up to 15-20 washes, I wouldn't say it lasted that long, but using purple shampoo regularly after it will keep up the lighter shade for longer.

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