Crazy Color - Semi-permanent hair colour

Before & After: How to get silver hair

For the past month or so I have tried so many purple shampoos, white toners and grey/silver semi-permanent hair colours to achieve a silver shade to my hair, I have always thought grey hair looks cool because of watching anime characters with it, but now the whole #grannyhair has become popular and seeing how awesome it looks in the real world its made me really want to give it ago. 

My natural hair colour is a mousy dark blonde and a few months ago I got it dyed bleached blonde at the hairdressers. The blonde shade wasn't really what I was looking for and would have liked it to be lighter, since having it bleached I have used Touch of silver purple shampoo often to get rid of the brassy yellow tones.

I came across this Crazy Colour Semi-permanent hair colour when I was searching eBay for silver/grey hair dyes, it was only cheap so I didn't hesitate to buy it and give it a try as some other similar brands I have tried hadn't really done the job.

When I came to use it I washed my hair with purple shampoo and left it on for an hour before I washed it off. You have to apply Crazy Colour to clean towel dried hair, the solution is easy to use as there is no mixing involved you simply just squeeze it into your hands (wear gloves) then evenly put it on your hair, trying to make sure every strand is covered and its rubbed in well. You could also use a applicator brush to do it if you have one, if you section your hair and apply it on small bits of hair individually it will help make sure its done evenly.

Depending on your hair and how your hair usually takes to colour, I would follow the instructions. As my hair usually takes awhile to take hold of colour, I left the colour on for almost an hour much longer then it tells you to on the instructions. I then washed out the hair dye and applied a generous amount of L'Oreal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Conditioner and left it on for about 5 minutes, to help the colour stick and to soften my hair as hair dyes usually leave my hair very dry. I then blow-dryed my hair as usual. 

The photos show before and after, and as you can see there is a big difference in colour, so I would definitely recommend this product as out of all the grey hair products I have used this has made the most difference so far.

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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money.