Botanics - Mattifying Foam Wash, Gel & Day Cream

Skincare for oily skin

If you have oily to combination skin like me then you may find these products helpful to reduce the amount of shine on your face during the day, I have been using these products together now for a week and I have noticed my oily skin to be slightly reduced, as I have only had to use blotting papers or powder once during 10 hours with make up on, usually I have to blot two or three times during the day depending on what I am doing or if its warm out. The make up I have been wearing are also mattifying products so this also helps as, mattifying products are made to help reduce the shine or oiliness of the complexion.

botanics foam face wash

Firstly, I wash my face day and night with the Botanics Mattifying foam face wash, I always make sure my hands are clean before washing my face because if the night before you have applied hand cream and the next morning one of the first things you do is wash your face then the oil on your hands is then rubbed into your face. The product comes in a nice pump bottle and comes out as a foam, I rub it all over my face in a circular motion making sure I pay extra attention to my t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) as this is where I get mostly shiny. After washing the foam off my face it feels clean and refreshed, I always splash my face with lukewarm water to open my pores then pat dry my face with a soft clean towel.

botanics mattifying day cream & gel cream

After washing my face I apply the creams, the Mattifying Gel Cream "refines and tightens pores and reduces the appearance of imperfections" and the Mattifying Day Cream "provide balanced hydration and lasting protection from shine." I smooth the cream onto my face and concentrate on my t-zone areas. They are both lightweight creams and absorbs into the skin quickly, they leave my skin feeling soft and gives me a clean canvas to start applying make up onto. The Botanics products range do have good reviews on the Boots website which aided my decision to try them out for myself, I would suggest reading other reviews too if your interested in trying these products.

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Disclaimer: Products bought with own money.