Benefits of Thermal Water Skincare for sensitive skin

A trio of Uriage Thermal Water Skincare

I’ve always done my best to look after my skin by maintaining a good three step cleansing regime twice a day. I’m now 26 and I’m starting to see the early signs of ageing and experiencing dry, sensitive and dull skin more than ever. Flaky and tired looking skin isn’t a great look so I’m always on the look out to try new skincare products, especially ones that are created with natural ingredients. Most recently I’ve been introduced to a few hidden gems that aren’t necessarily found on the high street that may just be your solution to help reduce sensitive skin and increase radiance.

Back in May I was sent a press release about the new Uriage Eau Thermale Water spray, it’s been created to hydrate, soothe and protect. At the time, my skin was feeling tight, ridiculously dry and flaky around the t-zone and looking dull. So, I took up the offer to receive a PR sample, I was expecting to receive just the spray but they kindly sent me three full size products, which I’m super grateful for.

benefits of thermal water

During a lengthy process of rain water going through Rocky Mountains and going deep underground, thermal water becomes naturally rich in mineral salts, CO2 and iodine. This process means its free from pollution and bacteria, making it the perfect solution for sensitive, psoriasis, rosacea and eczema skin due to its healing properties. In fact, it’s been used for thousands of years to heal burns, joint pain, arthritis and inflamed itchy skin. Thermal water is also recommended to be used after surgery because of its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Thermal water spray

The Uriage Eau Thermale Water is created to provide the skin with intense hydration. It’s made with 100% thermal water naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements and is packaged directly at the source, the French Alps! The mineral rich water helps to strengthen the skins barrier, preserve the natural balance of skin cells and prevent skin dehydration. To use it you can simply spray all over your face as much as you need to, think of it as dipping your face in a thermal spring everyday – if only! Spraying the light cool mist all over my face and neck feels lovely, once its sunk its natural goodness into the skin it makes my skin feel soothed, refreshed and less tight.

I’ve been keeping this on my desk, so whenever I’m feeling the need for a little pick me up, I spray it all over my face and it instantly makes me feel more refreshed and awake because of the cooling sensation. It’s the perfect companion to keep in your bag, especially on a hot summers day.

Thermal water serum

Alongside the spray I have been using the Uriage Eau Thermale Serum, created to moisturise, regenerate and brighten, perfect for those with dehydrated skin like me, that need a moisture boost.

The almost transparent serum glides onto the face beautifully, feels light on the skin and has a delicate summery scent which is a fragrance I’m always happy to have a smell of in the morning.

The serum has certainly improved my skins lack of moisture as I’m no longer a flaky mess and my skin isn’t so tender to the touch now.

Thermal water cream

Out of the three the Uriage Eau Thermale Crème D’eau Riche has got to be my least favourite to apply on the face, as it does make my oily skin appear oilier. So, I’ve only used it on my face once as that put me off applying it again. But instead I’ve been applying it to my hands as they are always dry and chapped because I wash them too much (yup, I’m a little OCD with the hygiene) and I can honestly say after one generous dollop of cream and massaging it into my hands they are now feeling the softest they’ve been in years. My boyfriend soon noticed and commented on how silky they feel, he now keeps running his fingers over them.

Because of how soft the cream has made my hands I’ve also been using it on my neck where I’ve recently came out in dry sensitive itchy patches of skin. I think it’s because I’ve been testing out loads of perfume samples for the blog and one of them obviously isn’t suitable for my super sensitive dry skin.

So overall, I’m really impressed with the Uriage Eau Thermale range, if you need to give your face a refresh and moisture boost throughout the day I would recommend keeping the water spray in your bag or on your desk to freshen up the skin and wake you up. If your skin is super sensitive and in need of a hydration boost then the serum is certainly worth a go. But if you have oily skin I wouldn’t buy the cream, however alternatively it can also be used as an incredible hand cream!

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Disclaimer: All three products were sent to me complimentary. Photos and words are my own.