Skincare Routine - Vitamin A, Green Tea, Grapeseed Oil & Mineral Water


How to get rid of acne by adding vitamin A, green tea, grapeseed oil & mineral water to your skincare routine!

For the past few months I’ve been obsessed with vitamin A skincare and supplements its completely changed my skin for the better, helping to improve its texture, scarring, congestion and overall appearance. It’s taken me so long to finally find skincare products that are right for my skin type and that are effective enough to be making a significant difference to my skin. I’ve had problem skin for some time now, but I’m finally in a place where I’m happy with how my skin looks and I’m not trying to hide away. You can read more about my skins journey with plenty of before and after photos in my 100dayreset post. But in this post, I wanted to share a roundup of beauty products I’ve been using and highly recommend! In the hope that it will help you, if your looking for a solution to reduce hormonal acne, congestion, bumpy textured skin, oiliness and sensitivity.


Double cleanse with vitamin A

Firstly, you need to double cleanse with a vitamin A face wash. The Derma.E Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser and Environ Sebuwash are my favourites and are the most effective washes I’ve used. I found out about Environ because they sent me their vitamin A range for the #100dayreset challenge I recently completed. However, before they sent me the products I had already ordered some vitamin A skincare from Biovea, shipped from the USA. So, after I used up the Environ products I began using Derma.E products from Biovea. Environ Sebuwash and Derma.E Anti-Wrinkle cleanser, both contain vitamin A and I can honestly say they are the two most effective facial washes I’ve ever used.

Environ is available to buy in Harvey Nichols, but you must book a skin consultation first and its priced around £29. Whereas Derma.E is available to order at Biovea for around £9.60 or direct, it also comes with a package deal (Cleanser, toner & moisturiser for £23) but it does have to be shipped from USA (free shipping over £39 – plus if your order is £39 you don’t usually have to pay customs fee, I didn’t with my last order anyway, but don’t hold me to it). Whichever you choose both are totally worth the effort to get your hands on in my opinion.

Derma.E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A & glycolic acid Cleanser £9.60

Derma.E is an eco-ethical skincare brand, who are 100% vegan, GMO, Gluten, soy and cruelty free. The facial wash lathers up well and makes the skin feel squeaky clean and smooth with its exfoliating properties. The vitamin A, glycolic acid and papaya helps to deeply cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells and encourages skin renewal.

Environ Sebuwash £29

The Environ Sebuwash is cruelty free and vegan, and contains salicylic acid, tea tree oil and active ingredients such as vitamin A, antioxidants, nutrients and peptides. It’s a low foaming wash, that makes the skin feel deeply clean and soft. The salicylic acid helps to remove dead skin cells too.


Tone with green tea & vitamin A

Secondly, after a double cleanse with luke warm water I pat my skin dry with a clean towel and quickly apply toner with a fresh cotton pad. The Derma.E Anti-Wrinkle toner & Biovea Japanese Green Tea Facial Toner, are my favourites, although I love and highly recommend both you do only need to use one toner. I’ve sadly finished my bottle of green tea toner, I really want to buy it again but at £17.90 I can’t really justify spending the price again when Derma.E Anti-wrinkle toner being as equally good, at almost half the price for more and it also doubles up as an exfoliator.

Biovea Botanical Japenese Green Tea Toner 118ml £17.90

I’m in love with the Biovea Japanese Green Tea Facial Toner , if I could bathe in it I would. It smells amazing, it may sound sad, but I looked forward to dabbing this across my clean skin every morning and night just to get a whiff of this refreshing botanical goodness. It’s vegan, parabens, sulphates and cruelty free. The toner helps to tighten pores, firm, nourish and moisturise the skin to improve the appearance of fine lines and boosts elasticity for a glowing complexion.

Derma.E Anti-wrinkle vitamin A & glycolic acid toner 180ml £9.40

The skin refining Derma.E Anti-Wrinkle toner contains vitamin A, glycolic acid and Marine Plant Extracts. It’s vegan, gluten free, cruelty free and is non-GMO. The toner helps to close the pores quickly to prevent any dirt getting into the pores. It helps smooth the skin by removing dead skin cells and encouraging skin renewal.


Hydrate the skin with mineral water

Mineral/thermal water has many skincare benefits and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. If your skin is in desperate need of hydration, I highly recommend you add a thermal water product to your routine.

Uriage Eau Thermal Water Spray

The Uriage Thermal Water Spray goes with me everywhere. Throughout the day whenever my skin needs a pick me up or I need to wake myself up after spending far too much time at my desk I spray the thermal water on my face, it’s cool mist instantly refreshes my skin and makes me feel loads better. I’ve raved about Uriage before in my post ‘benefits of thermal water’.

Vichy Mineral 89

After toner I will apply Vichy Mineral 89 fortifying and plumping daily booster serum focusing on the areas where my skin needs hydration the most, which is usually on my cheeks and forehead as these are the areas I find tend to get dry and tight, especially during the colder months. The Vichy booster serum contains 89% thermal water and is naturally rich in 15 skin loving minerals. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid which can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, so it acts like a sponge to drench the skin, to keep it hydrated and plump. I’ve wrote all about the ‘benefits of Vichy mineral 89’ in another post.



Biovea Organic Grapeseed oil with vitamin E

Every other night I apply Biovea Organic Grapeseed oil with vitamin E to my skin and neck, I would use it every night, but it can make your hair greasy if it gets on it during sleeping. I’ve always been afraid of using oils, because I have such an oily combination skin type, however after researching into skin oils I found that Grapeseed oil is the best for those who have congested and acne skin as it’s a noncomedogenic so wont clog the pores. Grapeseed oil has many beauty benefits, it helps to tone & tighten the skin and effectively balance and control oily blemish prone skin. Since using grapeseed oil I’ve noticed my acne scars have began to fade and although it makes your skin feel greasy don’t be put off, this stuff is amazing. However, I would only recommend applying it at night or during the day if your not going out.

Environ Focus Care youth tri-peptide complex avance elixir

The Environ Focus Care youth tri-peptide complex avance elixir is a serum I’ve recently added to my skincare regime. I apply the serum after toner and mineral water, the clear gel soaks into the skin effortlessly and makes it feel plump and soft, I then follow up with moisturiser. The avance elixir serum contains Meritage, a unique blend of Chinese root extracts to reduce the effects of UV radiation and pollution as well as helping to lighten and create an even skin tone. It also contains three powerful peptides to improve the overall structure of the skin.



Again, just like the cleansers, the Environ Skin EssentiaA AVST Moisturiser 1 and Derma.E Anti-wrinkle Retinyl Palmitate Cream are my favourites, I highly recommend them both, as they provide the skin with vitamin A to keep it feeling soft, smooth and supple. I absolutely love these moisturisers their highly effective, however if I had to be picky I would prefer the Derma.E moisturiser to be a pump bottle as it’s a lot more hygienic than a tub and the Environ Moisturiser has a smoky smell, so my boyfriend always jokes saying ‘have you been out smoking?’ when I’ve spent too long in the bathroom pampering and returning with a whiff of smoke on my face and neck.

Environ Skin EssentiaA AVST Moisturiser 1

As with all Environ products you need to have a skin consultation first as their products contain highly effective active ingredients. The Environ Skin EssentiaA AVST Moisturiser 1 is the first step in the range, it contains low amounts of vitamin A and over time you can step up to higher doses of vitamin A. After tone and serums I will apply a Malteser size blob of moisturiser to my finger and massage it into my skin paying attention to the areas I need it most, such as my t-zone and jaw-line where I get hormonal acne. The moisturiser helps to improve the texture of skin, making it appear smoother and reduce breakouts.

Derma.E Anti-wrinkle Retinyl Palmitate Cream £10

The Derma.E Anti-wrinkle Retinyl Palmitate Cream contains high levels of vitamin A to renew skin cells, reduce wrinkles and to promote a more youthful appearance. It also contains antioxidants, vitamin E and skin nourishing oils like avocado! Like all Derma.E skincare, its 100% vegan and made with mostly plant based ingredients!



Once a week, usually on my pampering Sundays, I apply the T-zone Charcoal & Bamboo Peel Off mask to my face after cleansing and toning. Although in my opinion the mask isn’t very good at getting rid of blackheads, I have noticed its helped make my skin a lot smoother as it tends to pull out your small facial hairs. Which in a way is good because, sebum build up clogs in the hair follicle, so I have had less black heads since using this. After peeling off the mask I quickly apply Ark Skin perfector hydration injection masque, so the vitamins have a greater chance of working their magic when my skin has had a deep clean.

Ark Skin perfector Hydration Injection Masque

I’ve been using the Ark Skin Perfector Hydration Injection Masque for a while now, you can find out more about it in my ‘trio of ark skincare’ post. The mask contains Vitamin E to prevent UV damage Vitamin A for cllagen, Vitamin C to fade pigmentation and Vitamin B5 for smoothness and Hyaluronic Acid Booster to hydrate thirsty skin.



Coola SPF 30 makeup setting spray

The Coola SPF 30 makeup setting spray is perfect for those with normal, oily and combination skin. It helps to reduce oiliness, fine lines and wrinkles and most importantly protects your skin from sun damage, with its SPF30. Coola are an organic and 100% vegan brand who focus on providing a whole range of fantastic beauty products such as makeup, skincare and body care created to help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and to prevent early signs of ageing.

As soon as I’m finished with my makeup, I spray the Coola matte mist on my face and it helps keep my makeup in place all day. It’s perfect for those with sensitive skin like myself as it contains natural & organic ingredients, such as cucumber, green tea and aloe vera to help soothe and protect and hyaluronic acid to hydrate, tone and soften the skin.

If you suffer with breakouts and acne like myself, the Coola makeup setting spray is safe to use and wont clog pores as its noncomedogenic! To find out more about Coola see my post 'Holiday beauty essentials'.



Finally, for your skin to reap the benefits of vitamin A even more, you need to feed your skin from the inside out, by taking skincare supplements. During my #100dayreset challenge I was sent the Skin Accumax and Skin Collagen Support supplements, and they have honestly made a huge difference to my skin alongside my new skincare regime.

Skin Accumax

Skin Accumax contain DIM, a ground-breaking ingredient sourced from green leafy vegetables such as kale and broccoli. It’s an amazing supplement to take if you have hormonal acne, I’ve been taking it for over 100 days now and I can confidently say its made an incredible difference to my skin, my mild hormonal acne has now almost gone. I started with 4 supplements and have now gone down to 2, I plan to stay on these for life now, there amazing! As well as DIM, they contain Vitamin A, E and C.

Skin Collagen Support

The Advanced Nutrition Programme sent me the Skin Collagen support supplements about a month ago, so I’ve been taking them alongside my and cod liver oil tablets (cod liver oil tablets are also full of vitamin A, so I highly recommend them too, although be careful too much of vitamin A can be bad for your liver).

The skin collagen support supplements contain a vegetable source of vitamin A, D2, C and grapeseed extract etc to help keep skin smooth, plump and youthful.

Hopefully, you find this post helpful if you have acne prone skin, these products have worked wonders for me, so I hope they do the same for you too!

Disclaimer: Coola, Environ, Vichy, Uriage and Skin Collagen supplements were sent to me complimentary. Derma.e, Biovea and T-zone were paid for with my own money. Some products were originally complimentary but I have than bought it again with my own money such as Skin Accumax and Ark mask.