Day 60 - 100 #100dayreset challenge: The results


How to Treat and get rid of Hormonal Acne Naturally

The day has finally come where I can reveal my before and after photos of my #100dayreset challenge with the Institute of Anti-Ageing . Throughout my teens and twenties my skin has been up and down from being smooth and blemish free to being oily, spotty and congested. I’ve just completed three years at university, it was during this time that my skin got worse and I experienced mild adult hormonal acne which really knocked my confidence. Most days I didn’t want to leave the house because I didn’t want to make it worse by clogging my pores up even more with makeup. Or have people at university and beauty blogger events judge me for my oily bumpy textured makeup. Yes, this may have all been in my head, but that’s how I felt, and it made me really distance myself from others and shy away from uncomfortable close-up conversations. It’s also one of the reasons why I don’t vlog or feature myself in my YouTube videos, because the thought of having the camera right up to my face in view of everyone makes me shudder.

If you’ve been following my blog since 2010, you may know that I started out as a fashion blogger, regularly posting photos of myself, however over time when I started to develop hormonal acne I stopped posting selfies and outfit photos because I just didn’t feel comfortable having my photo taken especially for it to be posted on the internet. These feelings and my lack of confidence has really affected my personal and professional life, I started blogging around the same time as Zoella, Llymlrs and The Anna Edit but I gradually began to hide my face from the internet as my skin and lack of confidence in front of the camera got worse, if only I had started the #100dayreset back then, maybe my blog wouldn’t be so micro, who knows.

To quickly recap, over 100 days ago I went to Harvey Nichols Birmingham for a skin analysis and Environ facial. To begin my #100dayreset journey I was then sent Environ Sebuwash , AVST 1 Moisturiser, Skin Accumax Supplements by the Advanced Nutrition Programme and Jane Iredale skincare makeup along with going for purifying skin facials every 30 days. I’ve updated in the following posts the progress of my skin on: Starting the #100dayreset, Day 0-30 and day 30-60. Now here we are day 100 and I’m about to reveal my very unflattering before and after photos taken in July and October. As you know it’s now November, it’s taken me awhile to build up the courage to hit publish on this post, but my skin is finally on its way to recovery, so I really hope this post will be of help to others who need an effective skincare regime to beat hormonal acne, congestion, redness, texture, sun damage and oil.

Texture: July vs October


Oil: July Vs September


Redness: July vs October


Bacteria: September vs October


UV Spots: July vs October


Left side of face: July vs October

Disclaimer: Do not use these photos for marketing purposes or any other use without my permission.

Disclaimer: Do not use these photos for marketing purposes or any other use without my permission.

Right side of face: July vs October

Disclaimer: Do not use these photos for marketing purposes or any other use without my permission.

Disclaimer: Do not use these photos for marketing purposes or any other use without my permission.

July: To begin with back in July my skin was very oily and congested, so the texture of my skin was very bumpy especially on my forehead and I would have hormonal acne around my jawline, cheeks and chin which were very sore as well as a few blemishes on my face here and there especially during my period. My face was also very red and sensitive with a lot of broken capillaries mostly on my cheeks and due to travelling a lot and not being very good at applying an SPF over the years I also had a lot of sun damage too and a few wrinkles beginning to show around my eyes.

October: Now my skin is a lot less oily and is beginning to normalise. The hormonal acne which doesn’t look as bad in the photo I took myself in July, as that was what I would consider a good week. However, now thanks to Skin Accumax and its ingredients - vitamin A, E, C and Dim the active nutrient compound found in broccoli, the sore hormonal acne is gone I’m just left with scarring which I’m confident will fade in time. I’ve been taking four supplements a day and I’m so pleased with the results, I’m staying on Skin Accumax for life now (I'm too scared to get off them!) as I’m finally beginning to get my confidence back as you may see from the few very rare selfies I’ve taken for Instagram recently. My forehead is also a lot smoother now too and the congestion has visibly reduced. The only thing that hasn’t altered much is the blackheads on my nose, but apart from that, I’m so happy with the significant difference in my skin. My complexion is a lot brighter and my makeup looks so much better too, and I’ve even left the house with no makeup on a lot recently. My mom and boyfriend have also noticed how much happier I am.

I’m so grateful to the iiaa and their feed, fortify and finish brands, especially Siobhan from Environ at Harvey Nichols for giving me fantastic skincare advice and facials! And thank you to Hanna from Harvey Nichols and Davina from iiaa for getting in touch with me to start the #100dayreset journey. Skin wise it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I’ve finally found a skincare that is right for me and is making a considerable difference to my skin.

If you’re unhappy with your skin and you’re feeling the same I was over 100 days ago, I highly recommend you start using Environ vitamin A skincare and taking Skin Accumax supplements, so it can work on your skin from the inside out. It’s natural, safe and I’ve had no side effects so it’s a much better alternative to beating acne than prescription tablets/creams that come with a lot of harmful side effects/dryness.

During the 100 days I’ve only added these three products to my usual skin regime of double cleanse, tone and moisturise and look at the difference, so I’m going to carry on using them especially the Skin Accumax supplements as I’m positive in another 100 days my skin will be even better (I'll definitely post another before and after 100 days from now!), so expect to see actual photos of me from now on, who knows I may even start vlogging! 

You can receive 15% off the Advanced Nutrition Programme and Jane Iredale makeup using code: IIAALOVEYOURSKIN (please note this is not an affiliate code and I have not been paid for this skin challenge)

Disclaimer: Skincare products and facial were all complimentary from the iiaa. Skin analysis photos taken at Harvey Nichols, all other photos belong to me, please get in touch with me first before using! All words are my own.