Active Charcoal - Facial Wash, Scrub & Mask

charcoal skincare

Adding active charcoal to your beauty regime is the new top beauty ingredient to use to unclog your pores and reduce shine on your face. You may have came across articles or noticed the top beauty brands adding charcoal to their products, so I thought I would give it a try as I have oily to combination skin. I searched Boots and decided to buy these three products as it was 3 for 2. The charcoal is supposed to act as a magnet to help draw out dirt and oil clogged in the skin and then be washed away during cleansing.

boots tea tree & witch hazel facial wash

Firstly, I used the facial wash to make sure my face was clean, it comes out really thick and black, the smell isn't too bad and it feels rather weird on the face as it doesn't rub in like your usual facial wash, I did get some in my eyes which stung a little. It also takes a bit to wash off, but my face did feel really clean and fresh after.

boots tea tree & witch hazel facial scrub

I used the facial scrub after washing and concentrated on my t-zone (nose, forehead and chin), it did work well to remove some dry skin and left my skin feeling nicely exfoliated and smooth. You may also be interested in my Biore Charcoal pore minimiser review.

boots tea tree & witch hazel facial mask

Then finally I applied the facial mask, the solution is very thick but glided on easily. I applied it all over my face and left it on for 15 minutes, it does dry quickly so you have to be quick at applying it. It washed off easily with warm water and left my skin feeling refreshed and super clean.

Overall after using all three products at once I did find my skin to be slightly less oily when used in conjunction with makeup for oil prone skin, my pores were also less prominent. I believe when using these products regularly it would help to remove blackheads to prevent build up over time. Using charcoal nose pore strips would certainly help too!

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Disclaimer: Product was bought with my own money. This is not a collaboration.