Charcoal Nose Pore Strips to remove blackheads

Charcoal Nose Pore Strips to remove blackheads

Charcoal nose pore strips are a great way to remove blackheads, especially those more prominent ones

Having been a big fan of charcoal beauty products for over a year now and found them to work really well, I thought I would give these T-Zone Charcoal nose pore strips a try. My skin is sensitive, oily and blemish prone, so I am always careful about the skincare products I use to ensure they do not irritate my skin or make my skin type worse.

Before using the strip, I always ensure my skin is thoroughly clean and steam my face for 10 minutes before applying the strip to ensure the heat has opened up my pores to make the process of drawing out impurities and excess oil more effective. I find whenever I steam my face I get better results compared to not steaming. From my experience of using nose pore strips, they have never removed all blackheads on my nose. However, they are helpful in removing the more prominent ones and they do help reduce the amount of shine on my nose throughout the day.

I would recommend using these once a week or every fortnight to keep on top of the unclogging pore process. 

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Disclaimer: Product bought with my own money.