Drugstore Makeup Haul

Drugstore Make-up Haul


When it comes to make up, its pretty much trial and error to find out what products match your skin type and what achieves the look you want. Everyone has a bunch of make-up and skincare products stored away that they never intend on using again because they are simply not suitable or don't work the way they promise to. The amount of beauty products I have brought over the years in the hope to improve the appearance of my oily to combination skin could definitely fund a mortgage for a year or two.

Most people think that you have to buy expensive products in order to achieve the very best results, but this isn't always the case, there are some brilliant affordable drugstore products out there that really do the job they say. 

Currently I am using all of these drugstore brands together and I am finally happy with how my make-up is looking, therefore I thought I would share them with you, if you have oily to combination skin like me then these are definitely worth trying out if you are not happy with your current foundations or powders.

Maybelline Babyskin Blur Cream & Master Sculpt

The Maybelline Babyskin Fatigue Blur Cream  is a primer that gives your face the perfect base to apply make-up on, by helping to blurr out any imperfections so they can be hidden more easily with a concealer and foundation. I use Maybelline Master Sculpt, it comes with a highlighter to illuminate the face and a contour shade to create chiseled looking cheekbones.  (See full post here)

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder & Good to Glow

I get a small drop of Rimmel Good to Glow and mix it with my foundation, as the foundation is matte this helps give my face a little healthy natural glow look, instead of just a flat matte look. The Rimmel Stay Matte Powder is perfect to apply after foundation to help set your make-up. Its matte so helps to reduce shine too, I brush it over my t-zone and I really do notice the difference throughout the day. (See full post here)

L'Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit & Voluminous Mascara

This L'Oreal Brow Artist Genius Kit is great because it contains everything you need to create natural looking brows, I have found this kit to match the colour of my brows better compared to ones I have used in the past. The L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara is great because it creates full lashes without clumping or weighing them down, plus while your wearing mascara it conditions them too. The L'Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation is brilliant, it provides a good full coverage and I have really noticed the difference in terms of shine compared to my last foundation, this is considerably less shiny and stays put for hours.  (See full post here)

Barry M Cor Balmy Lip Balms are great for this time of year because they prevent your lips from getting chapped in the winter while giving you colour just like a lipstick. (See full post here)

After the primer I apply Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer on my imperfections and under my eyes to cover up my dark circles.

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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money.