Dolce Lounge, Desserts in Birmingham


A few weeks ago I came across an amazing looking dessert photo on my Instagram feed and discovered it was from a Dessert & Coffee shop in Birmingham, so ever since I have been desperate to go as I have such a sweet tooth and I am a bit of a chocolate addict.

So I dragged my friend down to Corporation Street to visit Dolce Lounge, there's a huge menu on the wall and we were standing there for ages trying to decide what to buy, I could of easily ordered it all but I had to be good, as it is almost summer after all.

I decided to order a waffle with Nutella, chocolate ice cream and fresh cream as that was the dessert I had seen on Instagram, it cost around £5.50. We sat upstairs and a friendly guy brought up our desserts, it only took 5 minutes which was good because me and my friend were starving and desperate for a sugar fix.

It tasted amazing, warm waffles with melted nutella and a sprinkle of hazelnuts, I could eat it again right now just thinking of it. The place also had free WiFi which is always an added bonus, I went straight on to Instagram and shared my dessert photo. There were so many different desserts, milkshakes, smoothies and coffees to choose from, there was also plenty of fruity suggestions if your not much of a chocolate fan.

If your around Birmingham I would definitely recommend you visit Dolce Lounge, the next time I go back I will be trying out their warm cookie dough and ice cream. 

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Disclaimer: Food bought with own money. This is not a collaboration.