Sony Cybershot W830 Camera

Sony Cybershot W830 20.1MP Compact Digital Camera - Review

For such a long time now I have taken all of my photography using my Samsung mobile phone because its quick and easy to simply send my snaps to all the social media platforms I use and it creates good enough quality photographs. But I do miss the days of using a compact camera and not draining my mobile battery or filling up my storage. 

I've been considering for a while now to go into vlogging on YouTube and have made a few videos using my mobile but they just don't have the professional HD video quality look that I am looking for, to put on my channel so I have never uploaded them.

So I recently brought this Sony Cybershot W830 camera in the hope to start vlogging when I am on my travels over the summer. The Sony compact camera is a 20.1MP camera which was the highest megapixel camera I could find that was compact, affordable and had great customer reviews on Amazon and Argos. This camera is perfect for vlogging because its very small and light, if your holding your arm up filming yourself for long periods of time it just makes vlogging much more comfortable and its easy to carry around, as this fits perfectly into my handbag with plenty of room to spare.

The photos above are some images I took the first time I used the camera, I took it to a field when I was walking my dog to test how well the photos came out. All of the photographs are unedited and have came straight off the camera and onto here.

One of my favourite features of the camera is the panorama setting, which I cant wait to use when I am on my travels. The camera is very easy to use as its a simple point and shoot camera, I kept the setting on the 'intelligent auto' to take these images and I am pretty happy with how they have turned out, especially with the shallow depth of field photos which I love taking. I took these photos without putting any effort in, so I reckon its capable of producing much better high quality sharp images considering its a 20.1mp and having such good reviews.

When I get around to filming a vlog with this camera I will post it on my YouTube channel so you can see how it looks at producing a video. The camera is a 720p HD, so I am expecting it to be pretty good, I have been happy with the quick tests I have done. The device is easy to adjust between camera, panorama and video by simply moving the button up and down to change which mode you want to capture in.

Overall, I am happy I brought the camera, the battery has lasted so much longer compared to my mobile battery and it does produce better quality images as my mobile is only a 16mp. 

If this doesn't sound like the right camera for you, I also have a review for Panasonic Lumix TZ57.

Disclaimer: Product bought with own money this is not a collaboration.