No7 Gradual Facial Tan

Naturally Sunkissed face tan lotion

My skin is pale and I have been looking to achieve a natural looking tan so I have started using Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan lotion (see my review here). To match my newly tanned body to my face I searched online for a similar natural tan lotion, that's when I came across the No7 Naturally Sunkissed Gradual Facial Tan, as it had good reviews and contains SPF 15 I thought I would give it a try because I really like No7 beauty products.

I find that the No7 facial tan matches well with the Garnier body tan, I apply both to my skin after a shower, I make sure I am fully exfoliated so it goes on better and more evenly. The facial tanner is slightly greasy, but I have been applying it when I haven't had to leave the house so I don't mind. So far after a couple of weeks of using it I haven't yet had a break out so I am very happy with the results.

Since applying the facial tan I have started to wear less foundation and on days I have just been casually out running errands I have simply just applied a tinted BB cream and that's it. It's been great not having to wear so much make up, especially now summer is coming I hate wearing a full face of make up when its hot so now I am using the gradual tanner I wont have to, its also evened up my skin tone and left me feeling more confident leaving the house with less coverage.

To find out why wearing an SPF is important to prevent skin cancer and premature ageing, see my before and after Environ skincare results to see how much damage the sun had done to my face after years of not wearing an SPF.

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Disclaimer: Product bought with own money. This is not a collaboration.