Garnier Summer Body - Fake Tan

My past experience of using fake tans isn't great, as I have oily to combination skin they have always given me a break out, not smelt pleasant and felt to oily on my skin so I stopped using them. So the last time I tried fake tan was a few years ago and last year I used the sunbeds during the summer, which I hate doing for obvious reasons and from now on I don't plan to use them at all. As my Nan has since been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma which is a form of skin cancer, so as all my family have very fair skin it has gave us the shock we needed to stay away from sunbeds and protect our skin more when out in the sun, as having fair skin makes being exposed to UV rays more harmful.

I use a lot of Garnier products and always find them to work really well for me so I decided to go with the Garnier Summer Body Sun kissed look moisturising lotion, I paid about £5 for it in Boots so it was inexpensive and have since read some good reviews about it. As I am only looking for a natural tan so I feel more comfortable over summer having my legs out this product has worked really well for me and given me the look I wanted to achieve.

The first time I applied it I made sure by body was fully exfoliated using my favourite Soap & Glory breakfast body scrub , I then shaved my legs and applied the Nivea in shower body lotion. When exfoliating I made sure my elbows, knees and feet were well done as these areas get dry the most, I used the in shower body lotion so that my skin is left soft so that when I apply the fake tan it glides on smooth, more even and it generally blends in better, I have found this to work best for me and hasn't yet made my skin breakout.

When I am dry and ready to apply the fake tan I apply a generous amount of tanning lotion onto the applicator mitt which I brought from Primark for £3, I then smooth the lotion onto my feet and work my way up. Starting from the bottom and working your way up means you'll be less likely to get creases on your stomach bending down to do your legs. I always make sure I apply the tan in a cool room and leave it to dry completely before putting clothes on, as by applying it in a hot room or in the bathroom the humidity can make you sweaty meaning your likely to have a streaky tan.

I apply the fake tan with the mitt first applying it in a circular motion then I rub it in upwards and go round my leg to make sure I have a even coverage and haven't missed any parts out. do one body part at a time. The moisturising lotion smells lovely, its strong at first but soon settles to a lightly scented apricot smell. By using this product and application method I have not had any streaks, creases or darker areas, it has all blended in well and looks all over very natural giving my skin that sun kissed radiant glow.

I have been applying the gradual tanner after every shower, I have been using generous amounts each time I apply so I am getting through the bottle quickly, so I am going to by the bigger 400ml bottle when I next pop into a drugstore so it lasts longer and works out cheaper.

Both the Garnier tan and tanning mitt have both worked really well and I am happy with the results, I have also been using the No7 Naturally Sunkissed Gradual Tan for my face which has matched up good too.

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Disclaimer: Products bought with own money. This is not a collaboration.