Cougar The Musical - Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

I love going to the theatre, so recently when I was invited to go see Cougar The Musical at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry a place I had never been before I had to say yes. Cougar The Musical has been a smash hit success in New York where it ran for over two years off Broadway, so I was really excited about seeing the show as I hadn't really ever seen a theatre production like this before, its also the first time for the show to premiere in the UK.

Me and my friend decided  to make the night of it and stayed at the Premier Inn Belgrade Plaza Hotel which is less then a minutes walk from the theatre so it was perfect, there was also car parking and plenty of restaurants  like Pizza Express nearby so it turned out to be a great night with the added bonus of not having to get a taxi as everything we wanted to see and do was on the hotels doorstep.

Firstly, I don't want to tell you too much about the show and spoil it for you in-case you were interested in going to see it for yourself but just to tell you briefly the story is about three mature women from New York who come from similar backgrounds (divorced or widowed) and somehow get brought together and become friends who then help each other to move on.

The show starts with each character telling you about themselves and you instantly start to feel connected with them, as they are all lovable strong characters in their own way. There is one male character who has lots of roles, playing the young love interest of all three female characters. 

To me the show felt like a Sex and the City Musical, there were so many laugh out loud moments and even times you just had to cringe because it was hilarious, raunchy and provocative. As the stage is on the same level as the seating you really felt involved and connected to what was happening as the characters all interacted with the audience, there were no slow parts I was fully engaged to what was happening the whole way through, the singing and dancing parts where brilliant, the show is part theatre and part cabaret.

Overall, me and my friend really enjoyed the show, we and the rest of the audience didn't stop laughing all the way through, it has a great story and paints an honest picture of modern life, it shows that love is ageless and that you should always say 'yes' to life and happiness. I definitely recommend seeing the show with a bunch of your girlfriends for a night out as I guarantee you'll be entertained and full of laughter, especially during one part of the show where there's an hilarious rude Samantha (from Sex and The City) style scene. Cougar The Musical is at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry till the 6th June.

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Disclaimer: Invited complimentary for review purposes. Photo and words my own.